Friday 27 October 2006

sad but true...

When I confessed last week to my ropey heavy metal past, I thought that it was something that I had long since put behind me. I am discovering that this is, in fact, not the case: it seems that once a heavy metal fan, always a heavy metal fan.

It started when I caught the Metallica documentary “Some Kind of Monster” on tv last week. The programme invites you to laugh at the real life Spinal Tap. A band so lost that they have a $40,000 a month shrink on their payroll and spend their time sitting around a table in their studio writing mission statements and talking about their feelings, not creating brain-meltingly loud rock music. I think you’re supposed to shake your head and laugh at them – and I did. I also went straight up to my CD collection at the end of the film, dug out the “Black Album” and “Ride The Lightning” and spent the next few days marvelling at what brilliant songs “Enter Sandman”, “Sad But True” and “Trapped Under Ice” are, wondering what happened to all my other Metallica albums and if I still only had them on cassette.

Thanks to a certain someone, this is no longer the case, and so I will be able to spend much of the weekend softening my brain with songs like “Battery”, “Seek & Destroy” and “Harvester of Sorrow”.

My name is ST and I’m a metal head.

.... although, having said that, I am currently listening to “Daisies of the Galaxy” by the Eels, and I’m especially enjoying the song “I Like Birds” which is probably about as far from Metallica as you can get.

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  1. Hi, I'm Michael, and I'm a metalhead.

  2. I'm Her and I'm a Metalhead too. I also shook my head in disbelief at Some Kind of Monster.

  3. I'm not a metalhead, but I'll give you Enter Sandman - a fantastic track.

  4. I'm not a metalhead, but you are brave to be true to your inner self.

    I am, of course, open to being a metal band's therapist on retainer for $40,000 per month. Hell, I'll give them a deal at $20,000 just because I believe in the process.

  5. I think that it's important that everyone be a metalhead for a time in their life. Judas Priest and the Scorpions for my teenage years. Now I have "Living after midnight" stuck in my head. Maybe do a "Metal Earworms of the week"

  6. I am a pretty big (don't laugh) Metallica fan, though I totally went off them when they went anti p2p - these guys had the 2nd biggest touring machine after U2 in the mid-90s, and they STILL want more money. Greedy so and so Ulrich.

    Still, I did enjoy SKOM - I've got all the other vids, including a very expensive (then) LSBAP VHS boxset with special goodies. Those were amazing concerts.

    Then there was the amazing S*M DVD/CDs, though I was a bit let down by the usually great MK, he didn't really get into the long cello-ready tracks well.

    St Anger is a very interesting resurgence for them - they have definitely changed their style since BR started producing, but I also feel AJFA was the one that should have been revisited - it has awesome style in there. Frankly I reckon KH was getting wary of his fingering, so he opted out of the solo-challenges.

    The new Bassist is mad, in the same line as C/JN.

    Check out Tool - they are my new find (though very old). I really dig their stuff.

  7. I wanted to watch Some Kind of Monster but my Mrs goes into convusions when she sees too much black denim and shaggy hair. She can't look at my photo albums from uni.

    I saw Metallica live... Five? Six times? Great live act but too many long solos!

    They are totally lost in showbusiness though. *shakes head*