Sunday 19 November 2006

your love is the bullet, my love is the gun...

After the brilliant success of the A-Z of music, The Art of Noise has recently started a new series: "In the Dock". Every week something musical is put on trial, cases are put for the prosecution and for the defence, and then votes are cast in the comments.

So far, not only did our very own Lord Bargain do a great job of prosecuting The Beatles, but the Eurovision song contest and songs with associated dance moves were both acquitted and the Levellers were found guilty of all charges (and were hopefully executed in a slow and painful way).

This week, R'n'B is in the dock. I'm prosecuting and Del is defending.

Usher - it's all about the music, ladies, not the crochet hat

Go and have a look and please cast your vote. I'm not asking you to vote for me.... just go and read the arguments and make up your own mind.

.....all I ask is that as you do make up your mind, please do have Mariah Carey, R.Kelly and Usher records playing on a loop in your head.



  1. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

  2. This makes me think to almost exactly one year ago. I downloaded an R. Kelly song, because I had heard it recently.

    I played it a few times, but for the most part, I played the intro about 20 consecutive times.


    I nearly soiled myself I was laughing so hard.

    The song?

    Bump N Grind.

  3. well, Lizzy. I hope that at least I made it clear that the idea of the prosecution of a whole genre was a bit silly. I sat down to start writing and realised that although I don't like a lot of "r'n'b", I was far too ignorant of it to be able to completely dismiss it. I think a lot of it is toss, mind you, but that's also true of genres I would say I liked. Indie certainly. In fact, it's probably true of *every* genre.


  4. As a student, I loved The Levellers and actually paid to see them live on several occasions. Around the same time, I also had a frightening number of boyfriends with dreadlocks. Who were white. What was I thinking?

  5. GLC are great! Sort of...

    As for R&B, most of it is unmitigated bilge.