Wednesday 27 December 2006

our time is running out....

It’s my first day back in the office today. I suppose it could have been a nasty shock to the system after a pleasant couple of days off, but I’m pleased to say that I have resisted the temptation to be idle.

Oh yes. I have spent my time in the eminently worthwhile activity of compiling the chart for “Earworms of the Year 2006”. The chart is made up of a combination of every earworm listed in every Friday earworm post this year, together with all the individual votes sent in to me via email. There’s been a proper scoring system and everything (details upon application, but I won’t bore you with that just now, eh?)

Excel tells me that I have so far catalogued 465 different songs by 56 different artists (Johnny Cash alone has gathered votes for no fewer than 7 different songs).

It’s all very exciting, and the results will be revealed this Friday…. It’s pretty close though, so everything is still up for grabs. You still have time to have your say! If you haven’t yet submitted your 5 nominations for Earworm of the Year 2006, then this is your very last chance.

You have until midday on Friday to submit to me (via the email address listed in my profile) the five songs (or ringtones, or jingles, or whatever) that have been dominating your internal jukebox the most over the course of the last year. I don’t care where you heard it, when it was recorded or if it has ever been released… if it’s been stuck in your head at some point in 2006, then it’s eligible.

That’s it.

There aren’t really any rules, except that each person can only submit 5 nominations. Ideally (because I’ll be scoring them) I’d like your choices numbered 1 to 5 and, if you can manage it, I’d like a bit of blurb about each one as I’ll be including some quotes in the rundown on Friday.

Votes please!


  1. Bad luck being back at work. One thing we do well in Scotland is holidays, especially those associated with partying, thus most places are shut right through til the 3rd. In fact, I think it's a bit of a swizz having to go back on a Wednesday and fancy they should shut until the 8th...

  2. When will the top 465 countdown begin?