Wednesday 13 December 2006

please don't keep-a me waiting...

Right, come on then - if you haven't already sent them to me, then I need your five nominations for the Earworms of the Year 2006. You know the rules: just have a think about which tunes have been dominating your internal jukebox over the course of the year, stick them on an email with your thoughts on each, and then send it to the address in my profile.

It doesn't matter if your songs were released in 2006, 1966 or 1906, they only have to be songs that have been looping around your head this year. Actually, your list doesn't even have to include any songs at all. Jingles, ringtones, theme tunes.... they're all eligible. Hell, I've been earworming the theme tune to the 'Um Bongo' advert....

Let's be having you then.

I'm only going to keep going on about this until you vote..... and just think how boring that's going to get....


  1. Um bongo
    Um bongo
    They drink it in the congo...


  2. Seeing as you're still going on about it, should I assume you haven't had mine?