Wednesday 13 December 2006

I bet you're wondering how I knew....

Today was my first full day at a new desk. For reasons too long and tedious to recount in any detail, I have been shifted about 10m along the office. I now no longer sitting a little bit out on my own and with my back to a walkway. Now I am in something of a cul-de-sac of power, surrounded by some of the bigger cheeses in the area.

I haven't been promoted or anything like that, I've just been shunted along a bit so that I am sitting next to my (new) manager and in the supposedly comforting bosom of my team.

It's funny what a difference it's made though - people have been coming up to my desk all day and congratulating me on my move onwards and upwards through the organisation.

To be honest, I'm not that bothered where I sit, just as long as I can continue to surf the internet and muck about on email relatively uninterrupted (writing a blog post in Word does look remarkably like you are working, as I'm sure you all already know full well...). I am however rediscovering something that I first stumbled across when I sat in a position like this a few years ago:- if you put on a pair of headphones and nod your head slightly from time to time, people will assume that you cannot hear them and will talk openly and unguardedly about things that they might not want you to hear.

It's great. I'm learning loads already... and it's only day one!


I can't leave without saying that I have literally spent all evening listening to two songs over and over again....

-> "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" - Panic! At The Disco (I know! emo!)

-> "All Good Things (Come To An End)" - Nelly Furtado (I reckon the best version -- here -- features Chris "give us a sick beat, man" Martin, but it's a lovely record)

They're very different, obviously, but they are both fantastic songs.

"Great Big Sled" by the Killers is alright, I suppose.... but I'm now becoming something of a connoisseur of Christmas music, and although they pretty much do everything by the book, including sleigh bells, somehow it's still missing something. "Come On! Let's Boogey To The Elf Dance" it ain't. Oh well, it's for charity, so 79p not entirely wasted.

That's all! night!


  1. Congrats on the location change. Have fun with the new learning experiences afforded by the headphone fake-out! *G*

  2. My colleague and office mate, K, is away for a month and as our office is in the loft space and away from everyone else, I figured I would be a bit lonely. No-one comes in unless they specifically want one of us, which is generally brilliant, but four weeks with no chat could be a long haul.

    So, I have moved into a vacant office which used to belong to one of the managers and is more in the body of the kirk. Weirdly, even though my job is no different, people are suddenly treating me with a lot more respect.

  3. Oh Christ, I woke up the other day singing that Panic! At The Disco track. Did my bloody head in.

    I always try and get a desk where no-one can see my screen :-)

  4. Oh Christ, I woke up the other day singing that Panic! At The Disco track. Did my bloody head in.

    I always try and get a desk where no-one can see my screen :-)

  5. You see why that Panic! song made my top 5, then.

  6. Dear, dear. I love that Nelly Furtado song. Its a good album, really. I love it.

    And the Panic! song? Who cant love it, its so dang catchy, although, does anyone get the non-edited version? I'm so tired of turning on the radio and hearing "havent you people ever heard of closing *blank blank blank* door?" Because I cant figure out for the life of me what the blanks mean...*rolls eyes*

    Reminds me spinny. I should get n that I too late?

  7. AG - "goddamned". That's a great lyric too. What a shitter they've bleeped it!