Thursday 21 December 2006

(s)he came from where the winds are cold and truth is seen through keyholes....

In case you've missed it, the big news is that Lizzy's earworms were fakes. She made them up.

Why I oughta.... etc. etc.

Come on now. Here's what I really want to know:

-> what was your reaction when you first read Lizzy's choices? What did you think?

-> How does it make you feel now knowing that they were fakes?

-> Does it tell us anything about anything, or could you care less?

I didn't know they were fakes until Lizzy told me today, but I'm curious to know what your reactions to this are.

If you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine....


Speaking of Earworms, I still need votes for the Earworm of the Year 2006 poll.... If you haven't already voted, then I need your 5 nominations sent to the email address in my profile. Thank you.

Full details are here.

Lizzy's will be included... I won't get a vote out of her any other way, so made up songs it'll have to be.


  1. As I consider myself a bit of a muso chick, I felt like an arse for not having heard of any of them. Now I feel like an even bigger arse for not thinking about it any further than that - I just figured that Lizzy and I had very different musical tastes. Perhaps I'm more of a simple soul than I realise...

  2. My main reaction was "I wish I'd thought of that."

    I honestly didn't have the foggiest idea that it was a fake, whichever way up. People recommending bands with silly names that I've never heard of before is far from a rarity, I find. I think 'talking about popular music' is in fact probably the easiest idiom in which you could get away with this.

    Incredibly funny, though. I salute Lizzy.

  3. Beaing a bit of a black hole when it comes to popular culture I just assumed that they were more names in the vast pantheon of groups/artists I have never heard of.

  4. Like the others, I just figured they were groups I'd never heard of. Not a stretch for me.

    Good for Lizzy! *G*

  5. I'll admit that I usually skim the titles of the songs unless I have free time to read the explanations in their entirety. Lizzy and I definitely travel in different musical circles, so I didn't think twice about the fact that none of her picks jumped out at me.

    Now that I've gone back and read the explanations I think that it's hilarious that no one caught on (of course, I'm in on the secret now so it's probably easier for me to see that)

  6. well, to be fair to Lizzy, her made up worms aren't all 'obscure techno'.... Mouldy Persephone were "garage rock", Egg Might Wake almost featured reknowned indie rock singer/guitarist Tanya Donnelly, The Dullards had a cymbal solo, Mine All Mine sound a bit like "Tina Turner gargling paint stripper over a Polyphonic Spree B-side" and Riga were "fey, jangly shite".

    So half of it is targeted at the rock crowd!

    Do you know what, I'm laughing more every time I read some of that stuff. A band that make Menswear sound like Motorhead? A song that rhymes “faecal contamination” with “Ascot train station” AND features a saxophone solo?



  7. Well, as I received a CD from her previous incarnation but was unaware of most of the artists on it I wasn't surprised when I hadn't heard of any of her earworms choices either...

    I was a bit nonplussed that I hadn't heard of any, but... Not really my genre (what, no filthy electro?) so I just shrugged and moved on.

    It is interesting though that I just took it all on trust and didn't scream "bollocks!" from the rooftops.

  8. I have a tendency to just read band names and song titles, and only read the descriptions if I've heard of them.

    so, I ran through the list, read the names, thought "this is all some of that british music we don't get or isn't in my obscure metal world" and didn't think twice.

  9. being on holiday as i was, i was unable to verify if they were real or not. A couple did sound dodgy, but I figured, "ah sod it, I'll catch up later."

  10. I assumed it was all stuff I'd never heard of but quite liked the descriptions. Whatever, there should be a song that rhymes 'faecal contamination' with 'Ascot Train Station.'

    Deceit, though. She'll be sending letters to kids from Santa next!

  11. I skimmed down it and didn't read it. I think it was a "busy news week" what with the impending festivities and I didn't even pass comment.

    So, I can't say I was really swindled, more not paying attention.

    I can't really say it proved her point in my case, although it was certainly an interesting experiment and most likely based on a correct assumption that one can get away with fakery and fibbery without too much effort.