Tuesday 16 January 2007

so eat it, just eat it...

“What on earth is that?”

At first I didn’t realise that he was talking to me, and I carried on eating my lunch and browsing something or other on my PC. He waited for a moment, and then asked me again.

“What the hell is that you are eating?”

I paused, fork halfway up towards my mouth from the Tupperware pot and turned to face him. Ian was sitting at the desk behind me, and until he had been distracted by my lunch, had been having a conversation with Sarah about his workload for the next few months.
I wasn’t really in the mood for talking about it. I don’t often take lunch into work, but this week, in an attempt to get away from eating processed sandwiches and crisps every day, my lovely fiancée has been preparing delicious and wholesome meals for me. On this particular day, I had a big portion of roasted vegetables, couscous and some salad. It was delicious.

“It’s my lunch”
“It looks like mush”
“It’s very nice”
“It still looks like mush”

Ian had a big smile on his face and clearly thought that he was being amusing, but I wasn’t laughing. Ian is a big man in every obvious sense of the word: he is over six foot tall, but he is also massively overweight and must be pushing 30 stone. I do not have a problem with Ian being massively overweight, but quite why he thought I would be interested in his sneering comments about my lunch was beyond me. I cast him a look and turned back to my screen and began once more to eat my lunch.


  1. I've gotten that any number of times in my life.

  2. I get annoyed with people who will always leave their salad that comes with their meal, usually with some witty comment about not eating 'Rabbit Food'.

  3. Is it wrong if I don't like couscous? I mean, how can you not like it? There's not much there not to like...and yet, I don't.

  4. I had a friend who said he didn't like couscous. When pressed for reasons why, he admitted that he'd never tried any, but was still adamant that he did not like it.

    I like couscous. And I will most likely enjoy shellfish, given half the chance.

  5. My colleague, W, insists on eating only the unhealthiest foods possible. He eats "nothing green" and scoffs at anyone who eats well. For some reason he thinks it's comical. Hmmm.

  6. That could have been a scene from The Office.

    It sounds yummy to me.

  7. I think every office has 'clowns' (read twats) like that... Roast veg couscous sounds nice. Lots of red peppers I hope, they're the best roast veg ever!

    The problem with taking lunch to work is there's always someone who has something that stinks the place out for hours. That shits me that does.