Wednesday 24 January 2007

why do all good things come to an end?

photo by hen

For various reasons (all far too obvious to detail again here) I’m feeling a bit mortal at the moment. The circle of life is all very well, but I could do with something to take my mind off it for a bit. What was it that Woody Allen said? “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying”.

How about we play a little question and answer? I’ll set 5 questions, and anyone who feels like playing has a go in the comments. It’s totally frivolous, of course, but I’m making no apologies for that.

OK? Let’s do it:

1. What would your super power be? (yeah, it's an excuse to post that picture. What of it?)

2. What animal best represents your soul? (if you are a fan of the "His Dark Materials" trilogy, I suppose this is a bit like asking you what form your daemon would take).

3. Share a happy memory or a magic moment from the last few days

4. What’s for tea?



I’ll go first:

1. Super power. Well, as a smart-arse, my first inclination would be to say something like “USSR”, but I’m going to resist. I suppose we’re talking here about super strength, the ability to read minds or control things made of metal… stuff like that. How about smelling really nice? All the time. That’s nearly as useful as flying and far more practical in a confined space. It’s either that or the mastery of public transport: the ability to always find the bus you need waiting at the bus stop, the train you need to catch waiting at the platform, and to find a cab for hire just when you need it. Now that would be useful.

2. Animal. C. thinks I’m a bear. I don’t know why, exactly, but I’m going to go with that. (A bear is probably too big for a daemon though, so I reckon a meercat)

3. Walking back from the pub with a simply lovely 31 year old from the tropics who has never seen snow before and can’t stop touching it, scuffing it around and giggling at the sheer joy and beauty of it all. Brilliant. That and then looking out of my bedroom window about an hour later and seeing everything all quiet, peaceful and muffled in the snow.

4. Tea? Probably a bowl of Toulouse sausage and lentil soup, but there’s just an outside chance that I might whip up some pasta. You know: hooped onions, garlic, pine nuts, mushrooms, pancetta and a Dijon mustard sauce? It’s a doddle to make and delicious and warming.

5. Earworm? I’ve been spending all week trying to influence someone else’s earworm selection, and all I’ve succeeded in doing is earworming myself: Chicago, Queen, the theme from Flashdance, Star Trekking… they’ve all been in there. The one that is most stuck though is probably “Gonna Fly Now” by Bill Conti… better known as the theme from Rocky. Just like the Grandstand theme, it’s got a very surprising guitar solo about halfway through.

Well, that’s me.

Over to you lot. Only if you wanna, obviously.... but if it's all the same to you, I'd like to momento my mori another day, thanks very much.


  1. 1. Superpower - it would be the power to make an incredible meal at the snap of a finger. I hate that I go out so often, but I also feel exhausted when I get home many nights.

    2. Animal - without a doubt, it's a dog/wolf. It depends on how domesticated I'm feeling.

    3. Getting an e-mail from S saying that he wouldn't be coming home on Wednesday, most likely. As tragedies go it's rather minor, but it's really brought my mood down.

    4. Tea - I'll probably bite-the-bullet and make the black bean soup I've had the ingredients for forever.

    5. Earworm - strangely nothing is drifting in my brain right now...although I do have the constant background noise from my work.

  2. Is it wrong to think there's something oddly sexy about that photo?

    Then again, this is the photographer who makes toilet roll ooze urbane stylishness. So...

    Heh. I jest.

    1. The ability to know anything I wanted just by thinking about it. Superbrain. Maybe a spot of psychic abilities too.

    2. Y'know, I know I said fox before, but I'm going to go with my first answer because it was instinctive. Tiger.

    3. Two of my best friends are getting married (in the civil partnership sense, but I'm damned if I'm calling it that) and they've just taken delivery of the invitations. Black card with silver writing, too thick to bend. Their excitement was adorable.

    4. It was going to be pasta, but it's now a pasta sauce thing that Mama Hoax made and put in my freezer (bless) and brown rice. And poached pears, mmm.

    5. Sexy Back - Timberlake, mixed with the Adam & Joe theme tune. Sort of an internal Soulwax thing going on.

  3. 1 - I'd like the power to know what other people are thinking without having to second guess all the time. Failing that, I'd like to be able to see properly.

    2 - I should say a cat, but I'm more like a cocker spaniel, easy to please (just feed me and pet me and I'll be your friend for life), loyal, a real hoarder and a little bit of a nuisance. Oh, and cute too.

    3 - Receiving a letter from my friend G this morning made me smile - I love to get proper post in this electronic age.

    4 - I have just eaten scrambled eggs on toast with grated cheese on top.

    5 - That bloody Ordinary Boys track whose name shall not be spoken is both haunting me and taunting me. I HATE it!

  4. 1. Instant teleportation. To be able to think myself to anywhere else instantly.

    2. Tricky. Got to be some sort of cold weather animal so I've settled on an Arctic Fox.

    3. Getting some chocolates from a client at work. Completely undeserved and unexpected, but gratefully devoured.

    4. Chicken salad wraps.

    5. Patience - Take That. Grrr.

  5. 1. Superpower - the power to be entirely in someone else's shoes, even if I could only do it once. I think I just want confirmation that we're all experiencing things roughly the same way.

    2. Animal - I'm struggling with this. Maybe an emperor penguin standing on the edge of the huddle waiting through a four month winter blackout.

    3. Magic Moment - Dawn in Cascais on Sunday, walking on the beach front with my camera.

    4. Tea - Two slices of toast with marmalade. I'm too tired to eat and certainly too tired to cook.

    5. Earworm - Sufjan Stevens, Jacksonville

  6. 1. Superpower:

    The ability to search through all the parallel space/time realities for the greatest benevolent outcome to any decision I make. Sort of like The Butterfly Effect movie, but with me in total control.

    2. Animal:

    Owl. What can I say, I'm a night bird myself.

    3. Magic Moment:

    Having a beer after my first day of work here in Oz. Yum.

    4. Tea:

    BBQ Steak, Sausages, fried onions, chicken, mushrooms, kebabs...

    5. Earworm:

    Hmm, music. A tricky subject for me - like sports and cars.

    What about "Cosy in the Rocket" by Psapp (you know, the theme tune for Grey's Anatomy).

  7. 1. What would your super power be? In reality I am The Record Collection Alphabeticizer. In my secret life, I would love the power of Omnipotence. I'd be a good, kind, benevolent God. And the music everywhere would be brilliant.

    2. What animal best represents your soul? A rabbit or a cat. I believe people take the pets that they most closely identify with. Therefore, as it is impractical to have say, a Blue Whale or a Lemur as a pet, we go for the next best thing. I identify with cats and rabbits beause they are loyal, clever, intelligent (do you know a cat with a job? a rabbit with a mortgage?), and loving. Which I think I am.

    3. A good memory? Hugs from The Suburban Hen, talking with some of my friends in a restaurant in Kensington and a Starbucks on the edge of Notting Hill. Seeing a friend and making her laugh whilst she was at work.

    4. tea? Battered Sausage and Chips. I know, it's bad for me, but I rarely have it.

    5.Earworm? "Shooting My Mouth Off" by James.

  8. Dear gods, I clearly misread the instructions for #3 didn't I? Well "magic" and "tragic" rhyme anyway.

    So my amended #3 was just today...S leaving a message on my cell saying "I'm coming home tonight!" Bliss!

  9. 1. I always wanted to see the future.

    2. Cat, cos of what Mark said.

    3. Being that 31 year old in the snow.

    4. Cornflakes.

    5. 'Feels like home' Chantal Kreviazuk (will be on the list. I think we can blame the snow for getting me all fuzzy inside).

  10. 1. Superpower - Mind control, the ability to make everybody see my point of view and agree with it, and if they try to fight it, the ability to make them worship me. (see the Mule in Asimov's Foundation trilogy)

    2. Animal, always has been, always will be, without a shadow of a doubt, The Wolf.

    3. Magic - Dropping my kids of in the morning and seeing them be greeted by their friends with huge smiles on their faces. I just want them to find happiness in this world, and being with friends is on of life greatest joys, and I love the fact that they enjoy it as well.

    4. Tea - Probably my leftover risotto from last night out with my friends.

    5. Earworm - Bear Down Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears Fight Song

  11. 1. Superpower: to be able to see a person for who they really are, and to be able to make others see it. Sort of a pumped up version of Shallow Hal I guess.

    2. Animal: either a mountain lion or a wolf. I prefer wolves but a Native American friend said he thought I was mountain lion or cougar.

    3. Moment: swallowing my fear and my pride and attending my first class despite the fact that I was late for it. This was my first class as a matriculating college student in 18 years! :0)

    4. Tea: a chicken salad sandwich.

    5. Earworm: at the moment it's David Ford's Katie.

  12. 1. Superpower - super health/healing. Basically be wolverine. I'd like to be able to not worry about ever being sick, eating whatever I want, drinking, etc. and not having it affect me adversely at all.

    2. Animal - Polar bear. I'm pale. I'm huge. I'm a loner. and if your a cute fuzzy seal I'll eat you if you get in my way... Maybe a three toed sloth, from the quick movements. I really wish the trees in Lord of the Rings were real and animals, because THAT is me.

    3. Sunday the Chicago bears won the NFC divisional title, and will be playing in the Super Bowl. For those who don't know American Football, this is huge. Like world cup huge.

    4. had some chicken, a little pasta on the side.

    5. My current earworm is an odd one. I recently discovered that Sir Tom Jones covered "Black Betty." With me loving the original, having a fetish for covers of songs, AND a twisted obsession with Sir Tom Jones... its getting a lot of time on the iPod.

  13. 1. Superpower – The ability to metabolize anything that’s bad for me into something know, turn jaffa cakes into muscle, kebabs into fresh breath, beer into IQ quotients, that sort of thing.
    2. Animal – Tiger. Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep eat...bliss
    3. Magic – Seeing the old boy Statue John last weekend. What a top time...which reminds me, when are you going to come over you lazy gimp?
    4.Tea – a spot of congee me thinks (c.f point 1). Don’t want to feel too bloated before basketball tonight
    5. Earworm – god, you’ve really stumped me this one....i never really have anything that takes root much (thank you very much videogame induced ADD)..why do you think its taken me so long to submit my list. Hmmm, at a push, I have recently found myself on more than once occasion humming Heart's On Fire by John Cafferty (damn my addiction to Rocky training montages!)


  14. 1. Superpower - to skilfully manipulate gravity and energy. Side effect - ability to fly. Yay.

    2. Animal - Black Bear.

    3. Happy Memory - Excitement of little neice watching a koi pond.

    4. Tea - Almost certainly chinese.

    5. Earworm - Santa Baby (the Kylie version)

    The Eye in the Sky (awyrtt)

  15. It'd be interesting to see how my and Cody Bones' powers would interact...

    I wonder who would gain the upper hand (if there ever would be one) - him or me.

    He'd be "making everybody see his point of view and agree with it, and if they try to fight it, the ability to make them worship him" but clearly my power would allow me to select a reality where either our views were the same... or some such...

    Perhaps I could become a super villain...!

    On an aside, I hear Heroes is a good show to watch... :)

  16. Crucifer - Heroes is very interesting. I highly recommend it.

  17. 1. Am I only allowed one? OK, then. The ability to time travel.

    2. Remember that squirrel on the Carling Black Label advert that traversed all of those obstacles to retrieve his nuts, all to the tune from "Mission: Impossible"? That's moi.

    3. The whole of the "Game On" day out. Magnificent.

    4. Chicken Curry and Boiled Rice, prepared by yours truly.

    5. "74-74" by the Connells. Heartbreaking stuff.

  18. That is a very cute picture!

    Okay...I am just bored enough to do this now:

    1. Superpower? As a kid, I would have said invisibility or the ability to fly. Now, however, I think the gift of empathy would serve me the effect of being hit with the Point of View gun from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    2. Hmmm. Probably a cat due to my need for independence, hatred of being wet and cold, and manner of showing pleasure without restraint or embarassment.

    3. Nicest moment of the last couple of days: Getting a call at 2:30am from the person I'd had a date with earlier that night asking if he could come back over. Did I say yes? Of course I did!

    4. We don't really do "tea" in the it like dinner or just a snack? Anyway, I'll say a caprese salad: a fresh basil leaf with a slice of ripe tomatoe and a slice of fresh mozarella, drizzled with olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar. Mmmm.

    5. "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens. The voices in harmony make me feel so happy.

  19. 1. What would your super power be?

    To heal psychological problems in people by smiling at them.

    2. What animal best represents your soul?

    A rat. I have kept rats, and I mean what they are actually like, not the mythos / bad hype that surrounds them.

    3. Share a happy memory or a magic moment from the last few days

    No can do. There have been none.

    4. What’s for tea?



    Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.

    "No one else, no one else
    Can speak the words on your lips
    Drench yourself in words unspoken
    Live your life with arms wide open
    Today is where your book begins
    The rest is still unwritten"