Thursday 25 January 2007

you're as cold as ice....

It's proper brass monkeys around here at the moment.

All the snow is now gone, but the cold spell has lingered. Now, I don't know about you, but this is just the kind of weather where I stand under my nice hot shower in the morning and I just can't face getting out. My towel will be perched on the bathroom sink, within easy reach, and my fleecy dressing-gown will be hanging over the edge of the door, but somehow I still can't face those few freezing cold, goosebumped seconds between switching off the shower and getting dry enough to dress. It's such a ghastly thought.

I like a good long shower at the best of times, but in this weather I will happily stand there for a few extra minutes trying to muster the courage to make that dash for the towel.

Actually, given that the alternative is getting dressed, scraping the ice off my car and going to work, maybe tomorrow I'll just stay in the shower.

I'll stay there all day if I have to.

1 comment:

  1. Today (Friday 26th Jan - remember, we're 9 hours ahead) is Australia Day.

    Outside, its a blue sky day with temperatures into the mid 30's.

    Completely the opposite of what a UK morning is like.

    I DO miss the cold weather, but after a few beers sat outside in the heat, with the smell of BBQ drifting past, I think I can get over it. :)