Friday 6 July 2007

get a good job with good pay and you're okay...

My health insurance premium has just come through.

You might remember that this was the cause of much debate back in August last year when I was transferred from a company that provided insurance as part of my package to another company that didn't. I was clearly going to be out of pocket over this, but seeing as I was seeing a neurologist about the WTs at the time, I felt I had little choice but to ensure that I maintained cover, pretty much whatever the cost. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with my new employer, I was also given a small salary hike and a one-off payment to cover me for the equivalent of one year's premiums.

That year is now almost over. My premium for next year?

£93.88 per month.

I know that my last set of MRI scans cost £900 and I'm hardly likely to let the insurance cover drop now.... but.... I have to admit that I took a very deep breath when I opened the envelope and saw that.


  1. Ew. I hate the fact that insurance is so expensive, though I suppose in some ways it has to be given how expensive treatments and procedures can be. I also hate the fact that I've spent thousands of dollars on insurance this year and so far haven't needed it once...and it runs out in August. :(

  2. Yikes.

    My brother's work provides free medical insurance for all their employees - I am envious after waiting nine months for a simple scan on the NHS... He was having bad headaches and within ten days had had the full monty of brain scans to make sure there was nothing sinister going on.