Monday 1 October 2007

and always the right way round....

photo part of a series by Hen...

I'm hopelessly biased.... but such a pretty cat.


  1. nah, I don't think you're biased. She really is a pretty cat and she makes excellent photos. I don't just like her for that, though. I love how when she sees me walk into her garden, she asks "Shall we play the stick game?" in he pretty little voice. And she knows I'm good for it. Smart cat. Even has the neighbour wrapped around her paw...

  2. Yes, she is. Patches would like to meet her, and Wheezy would like to swat her, so you have it on good authority that she is, in fact, a beautiful lady. :0)

  3. I will resist the urge to put silly captions with poor spelling and grammar around such a purdy puddy tat.