Monday 1 October 2007

you're lucky lucky, you're so lucky....

Alright. I'm done.

Check your email and you should have a note from me telling you who you've drawn in the Shuffleathon. Well, hopefully you have anyways... you have no idea how long it took to send out all those emails, cross-checking names and addresses and stuff. By the end I wasn't really sure if I was coming or going. So seriously.... check your email and make sure that it makes sense. If it doesn't... come back and shout at me. I think only Lisa got 2 emails, but at least they were telling her she'd drawn the same person.

I think.


Look! I drew them out of a proper hat and everything!

So, here's that big table again, with links to blogs where I know the URLs. If you've got a blog and you haven't told me, then let me know so I can put it up and give the poor sod doing your compilation half a chance (unless you want to toss any hints into the comments, of course).

1. Tina

2. Sarah

3. Cody Bones

4. Mark

5. Michael

6. Hen

7. Cat

8. bedshaped

9. Pynchon

10. J

11. The Great Grape Ape

12. Ian

13. Martin

14. Monogodo

15. Threelight

16. Paul

17. Charlie

18. LB

19. Katyola

20. Lisa

21. Graham

22. Del

23. Spins

24. Ben

25. Dragon

26. Adem

27. Mike

28. JoeInVegas

29. Wombat

30. Max Bob

31. Stevious

32. Asta

33. Alan

34. Russ L

35. E.

36. Mike T-D

37. JamieS

38. Briskate

38. Me

Let me know (in a comment or an email or whatever) when you've mailed out your lovingly compiled CD and again when you receive your (hopefully) equally lovingly compiled compilation in the post and I'll update the table. If you tell me when you've done your review, I'll stick a link up to that too.

Right. Can I go to bed now, or are there any questions?


  1. Keeno! I should get mine out at the weekend - busy decorating this week.

  2. I have not received my email as of yet. Could you resend?

  3. Yep, same person in both emails sent to me!

    And am still thinking about the listing...

  4. Have received my CD from 'Planet Me' and am currently wading my way through 22 (!) tracks.

  5. Sir, sir, I have a question sir!

    Do you have any instruction on whether we are supposed to send a track listing with the CD?

    I'm just about to burn mine now, having spent the last two days thinking about what should be on it.

  6. alan - tracklisting is up to you. I say yes - last year I told the story of each song and why it was on there..... but you should decide for yourself.


  7. Been away doing stuff, so I'm just getting to this.
    For the poor sod who drew my name, here are some hints.
    It's easier to list what makes my ears bleed, than list all the genres I like.

    Top 40 Country
    Elvis ( sorry just can't)

    That's about it. oh wait. Polka. Please, no polka music.

    I'm done now. ty.