Tuesday 23 October 2007

read all about it....

There's no two ways about it: travelling in rush hour traffic can be be boring. I'm lucky enough that my commute only takes me fifteen minutes or so, but sometimes even that measly quarter of an hour can seem to drag. As I usually travel on my own, I tend to pass the time in the car listening to the radio or singing along to a CD. It's also quite a good opportunity to people watch, as within the bubble of their own car, people tend to imagine that they're somehow invisible and behave accordingly. You see people applying make-up, having a shave, picking their nose, having an argument on the phone, kissing their passenger... all sorts of things.

Even so, it's still pretty dull.

Mind you, it might be tedious, but I think that the guy who overtook me this morning whilst reading the paper was taking things too far - he was literally holding the newspaper up with both hands in front of his steering wheel as he came past me.

I would have tried to stay alongside him for a while, but it was yesterday's paper and I'd already read it.


  1. My favorite is someone texting as they are driving!

  2. I over-use my phone while driving. It's hard to resist. But I'd never actually take out a paper and read it behind the wheel!

  3. I once saw a woman texting with two phones - on in each hand - on the A610 in Nottingham

  4. One in each hand, that should read. Doh.

  5. That does it. When I lived in NYC and traveled by subway, I got to finish the crossword during my morning commute. I'd stopped when I moved and had to drive to work, but after reading this post, I'm reconsidering!

  6. The guy was overtaking? That takes the biscuit.

    Mind you, crawling on the M4 the other day I saw chavs in a modded chav-mobile and the driver had a porn mag spread over the wheel...