Thursday 15 November 2007

I don't need no good advice.....

I've only just remembered that I had a dream last night. It was so vivid that when I woke up in the small hours, I almost got up and wrote it all down before I forgot. Needless to say, I didn't bother getting up, and as a result I've only just thought about it and I've forgotten most of the details.


What I can remember though is that I was being chased through a wood. I can't remember now who was chasing me (although it seemed remarkable at the time). I do remember that I wasn't alone though - oh no. Throughout the chase I was accompanied by Harry Redknapp and Tony Adams. Neither seemed unduly concerned by the pursuit, and both seemed rather more interested in offering me a string of 'helpful' advice.

Adams (l) & Redknapp (r)

Now, I know that they've done brilliantly at Portsmouth Football Club, but are these really the people you would want advising you on a life and death chase through a forest? It's a bit different to a relegation dog-fight, isn't it?

Mind you, they're probably more useful than Avram Grant and Steve Clarke, and certainly better than having Gary Megson offering up helpful tips. If I had to pick any Premier League football manager to be watching my back in a matter of life and death, I'm pretty sure it would be Roy Keane. He'd scare me, for sure, but wouldn't you rather have him on your side than not?


Frustratingly, I don't remember if we managed to escape or not. Well, I'm not that worried about the safety of Redknapp and Adams, but it would be good to know if I made it out okay.

Perhaps I'll get the next installment tonight. I'll take a pen and paper to bed just in case.

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  1. If you hadn't made it out okay, you'd probably remember. It's always the awful dreams that are hard to shake, I find.