Sunday 8 June 2008

not to put too fine a point on it....

Another Saturday at the Trent Bridge test match, another set of photos of some idiots in fancy dress.

This was actually one of the easier costumes to put together, and I can't recall seeing any beekeepers in the past, so I think that -- when compared to all the Fred Flintstones, Mexicans and Nuns that turn up every year -- it was pretty original too.

Luckily for the bee, the weather wasn't too hot, so he didn't bake. Sunday was a totally different matter weather-wise, and if he'd been wearing that costume up in the stands today, even though it didn't take England long to wrap up an emphatic victory, he surely would have melted. The rain delay on Saturday morning did however mean that we had a few hours drinking time uninterrupted by anything as inconvenient as cricket, and this meant that there was at least one casualty snoozing in his seat during the afternoon session (...that'll be you, mr. Poll). Still, I was the same at Old Trafford in 2005, so I shouldn't be the one to cast any stones.

Another excellent day, and I take my wide-brimmed and veiled hat off to the Oompa Loompas, who were superb, and also to anyone and everyone else who went to the effort of getting dressed up to partake in this most ridiculous of English traditions. I could do without seeing a fat bloke dressed up as Pamela Anderson and wearing his red swimsuit in a thong stylee. I know it's your stag do, but I'm fairly sure that NO ONE wanted to see that. Special mention here too for the girl from Wolf Blass who asked if she could have her photo taken with us and made a special request for the wasp to be in the picture. Er.... do you mean the bee? No, he's definitely a wasp.... right. So the costumes are not a visual clue for you then? Dear oh dear. Right up there with the NPower girl asking me last year if the legs contained in my viking costume were all mine....

See you next year, although sadly not at Trent Bridge as we sadly haven't got an Ashes test. We'll be back here in 2010 though, I'm sure.

Some people are easily distracted. This one was supposed to be *taking* the photos....

Well done everyone. Another good effort all round.

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    saw this and thought of you. Maybe this was a different type of bee from the ones that buzz around the cricket pitch.