Tuesday 24 June 2008

we saw the green fields....

Right. That's more or less it.

For the next few days, this blog is going to go into a temporary stasis as I head off to a (hopefully) sunny Pilton and the 2008 Glastonbury Festival.

You'll no doubt still be able to find me over on Twitter, and if I can remember how Shozu works, I might even try and post a few photos up here through the magic of modern mobile telephony.

...but then again, I might just kick back for a few days, catch up with some friends, watch a few bands and drink some cider.

See you on the other side.



It looks like I can still add photos via Shozu... so I may well be doing some of that in the next few days. Nice one.


  1. Enjoy... and if Neil Diamond was as good as he was at the O2, you will have an amazing time.

  2. ST, just use blogger mobile, all you have to do is send a picture and a post from your phone is to send an email to go@blogger.com

  3. Enjoy!

    One of my students was in a real tizz about it this afternoon as she was leaving at 6 to join you, and it's been chucking it down here all week. Hopefully it's a bit brighter down your way though!

  4. The suspense is killing me.....
    so, is it rain or shine down in Somerset?


  5. Just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying your 'Twittering', Swiss.