Wednesday 17 September 2008

un mosquito....

" which genus of mosquito?"

Paxman was already more than halfway through the question by the time we had changed channels.

"Anopheles," I said triumphantly.

The students were bemused and were only able to come up with "erm, Yellow Mosquito?".

"Nooooo," said Paxman, "Anopheles".

I was quite chuffed at that. We'd caught less than half of the question - and it was a difficult question too - and yet I'd come up with the correct answer. None of those clever minds from Southampton University had known the answer to that, and they'd had the advantage of hearing all of the question.

C. was less impressed.

"How many other genus of mosquito can you name?"

And thus was the bubble of my own self-satisfaction punctured before it had really had a chance to inflate. I ask you, there can't be all that many people who can name a single genus of mosquito... hell, C herself couldn't name a single genus of mosquito.... and yet she knew me well enough to know that I might not know more than one.

The fact that it was the right one was neither here nor there.

Pub quiz tonight. Well, you have to use your brain for something during the working week, don't you?


  1. Well, consider me suitably impressed. I doubt I could even pronounce that.

  2. Ha. Nothing like a spouse to keep us in check! *G*