Friday 19 September 2008

..... finally see what it means to be living

If I can just wrench my attention on this year's Ryder Cup to bring you the latest installment of earworms.....

Given that my head is omewhat awhirl today with "Steam" by East 17, of all things, perhaps it's for the best that someone else has stepped in this week with some proper tunes.....He guested earlier this year, but now he's back with a new selection. Ladies and gentleworms, without further ado, it is my great pleasure to welcome back a good friend of mine.......

Earworms of the week - guest editor #92 - Fiery Little Sod

My recent earworms have been entirely driven by the lack of iPod and the internal jukebox - no CD's, just a musical brain and random external influence ....

> Every Rose has its Thorn - Poison

This is obviously the rock version of 'every silver lining has a cloud' and benefits from a choral-like build up to its chorus

[ST's note - also one of the truly great moments in cinema history....]

> One Day like This - Elbow

blame the Mercury, but I have had my one day this year so am looking forward to the next one

> Symphony No.9 - Ludwig van Beethoven

quite simply one of the finest pieces of melodic music ever written

> Theme - The Flumps

before its time, this. It should be played to quiet riots and football crowds. The TV wall bit was quality too.

[ST's note: oh, now that's a beast of an earworm. I particularly like the bit where it all goes a touch mental and freestylee in the middle. Great tune. Right up there with Jonny Briggs]

> Fast Car - Tracy Chapman

Stopped at the lights on my bicycle and a car with open windows draws up next to me as this starts on the radio - fairly loudly. I know this song well and started mouthing/singing it. It was noticed by the passenger - who told the driver "watch this he's word perfect!" I was somewhere near "convenience store" before the lights changed. Impressed them. Made me feel good. Fine moment

> Always the Last to Know - Del Amitri

To be honest, I generally am. Musically it still rolls well with few wasted notes or words

> Duchess - The Stranglers

Just blame Keira and the bus stop adverts - however it is a fine example of a mighty band

> Kokomo - The Beach Boys (sorry Kermit, close but no harmonies and no cigar)

Not got on a plane this year......first year missed for about 11, good for the environment but not for the soul. If this place exists, sounds like it would do nicely.

> What do you want from Me? - Monaco

If God existed, this is what I would ask.

> I want you - Sophie B Hawkins

sorry folks, a little self-admittance this since the lady I should say it to won't be reading these pages, but you learn nothing if you share nothing so maybe someone else can tell me it should not matter......


so that's it, hardly ground-breaking yet at least eclectic - I still aim to have a boxful of sunshine one day if I get invited back.

Thanks Blog Boss. See ya 'round


Given that your selection last time featured some Mancunians (for Monaco this time around, read Oasis last time), a tv theme (for the flumps, read Paddington), some hair metal from c.1987 (for Poison this time, read Guns N' Roses last time) and your top act on either occasion was Sophie B. Hawkins...... are we to take it that your internal jukebox is stuck on some kind of thematic loop? Perhaps your brain has a fully-fledged "Genius" function?

Thanks for playing though mate. You're always welcome around these parts, and when I open that bottle of "One Chain Wrong'Un" later on tonight to drink in front of the golf with the two Johns, we will raise a toast to you.

Have a good weekend everyone (and go Europe!)

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  1. Sorry ST, the cup will stay in Valhalla this year.

  2. U.S. 7
    Europe 5

    His airness, Michael Jordon, is there, putting the wamma jamma on the European team. Who doesn't like Boo Weekley



  3. hey, the pendulum may be swinging here, so don't count your chickens just yet. And I can take or leave boo to be honest..... It's Poults for me!

  4. No pendulum for you this time, the Cup is on American shores where it belongs.



  5. well, it could have been 3-1 in yesterday's fourballs instead of 2-2.... And I think Faldo made a mistake with his singles line up by stacking the end and not the beginning..... But at the end of the day the better golf won it, and that's what it's all about. Well played USA. I think the cup needed a US win too. Roll on Celtic Manor in 2 years time. Well played! Great golf....

  6. ....and might I say that I actually didn't want Jim Furyk to drop those last 3 holes to keep Europe in it?

    I was at the K Club 2 years ago, and he earned my respect with his golf (he carried Tiger) and with the good grace he handled the crowds in what was a comfortable European win. No one on the US team deserved to get the winning point more than him, in my opinion.

    It's good for golf that the cup was so much tighter this time around, and I think it's actually good that the US get to win for the first time this century too, after two record defeats in a row....

    That was tight. Only one more point to Europe in those middle four games and it could have all been so different.

    Deserved US win though, but we're getting that back in wales in 2 years time....

  7. St, I couldn't agree more about Furyk. I followed him a few years ago when he won his U.S. open at Olympia Fields here in Chicago. He is a very gracious man. Just remember that if we are still blogging in 2012, I would like to extend an invite to the Ryder Cup for you and C here in Chicago. Food, lodging, and tickets are on me since It's being held at Medinah, about 15 minutes from my house. The current pro there is actually my wife's high school boyfriend, I CAN'T WAIT.