Tuesday 11 November 2008

back on the road again....

Shuffleathon 2008 Update

Attention Shufflers!

The draw has taken place, and your names have now been pulled from an actual hat (pictured above - a nice Akubra Federation IV Deluxe fedora, as it happens).

You should now have received an email from me telling you who you have drawn in this year's shuffleathon. If you have NOT received this email, then please let me know..... otherwise things will go wonky very quickly.

And.... well, that's about all there is to say.

It's a pretty stressful business, actually, this shuffleathon thing. I'm not by nature a project manager-type person, but with this thing, I find I need to keep a little spreadsheet with people's names and emails and things on it, with a little note against anyone who doesn't want their actual address shared with anyone. Stuff like that. I send out 29 almost identical emails, and throughout the whole damn business, I'm terrified that I'm going to stuff it up... pass someone's name to the wrong person, pass out a private address, send someone's name out to two different people. That kind of thing. All frighteningly easy to do. Click to send... and then oooops. Repent at leisure.

Actually, I may have done all of these things, and I won't know until everyone reports back on the CD they've been sent, and that could take MONTHS.

How will I cope? How will I live with the uncertainty?

ShufflerPosted out
1. Me

2. Mandy

3. Charlie

4. Planet Me

5. Ian

6. Mike

7. Jerry

8. monogodo

9. Erika

10. Michael

11. Lisa

12. Cody Bones

13. Del

14. RussL

15. Tina

16. Wombat

17. Joe the Troll

18. JamieS

19. Cat

20. Rol

21. Beth

22. asta

23. bedshaped

24. Paul

25. Alan

26. Astronaut

27. Threelight

28. The Great Grape Ape

29. Paul W

30. Ben

The show is now officially on the road. So gentlemen (and ladies), start your CD burners..... Shuffleathon 2008 is underway.

God bless her and all who sail in her.


  1. Un-shuffleathon related but...today there was an article with the headline "Britain faces sperm shortage." And it made me think of you.

    Erm. Yes. Well, it had to be said.

  2. Good on you for taking on the hassle again this year - not that it's not interesting, of course. I'll enjoy watching from the sidelines (knowing that my spare time is limited this year and I'd be months rather than weeks late.)

    Hope you don't have to play postal service to too many people - the Royal Mail are probably altering their size guidelines as you type...!