Tuesday 16 June 2009

rock you like a hurricane....

Glastonbury is almost upon us. In about a week's time, I will be spending my evening fretfully packing and worrying that I've got everything that I'm going to need. It's not as though I'm new at this - this will be the 8th time I've attended the festival - but it always feels like such a difficult thing to pack for. You're camping. It might be really hot, it might be really cold. It might be really wet, it might be really dry. Actually, over the course of 5 days, it could be all of those things. It will get dark too, so you'll need a torch. After going near those toilets, you're probably going to want some water-free antiseptic soap and likely some wet wipes for a whore's bath. A good hat is essential for keeping off any sun or rain, and you might want to pack a beanie to keep your head warm at night.

When you factor in things like how much shiraz you're going to take, I think you'll see that packing for a festival like this is no easy task. You always have to remember, too, that whatever you take, you're going to have to carry what feels like several miles from the car park all the way to wherever you decide to pitch your tent. Wheelie bags might seem like a good idea, but I suggest you try pulling one of those through a supperating bog......

It's been pretty wet for the last three years now, but oddly enough those are the ones that are easiest to pack for: you just need wellies, shorts, a poncho and a good, dry tent and you're pretty much done. Oh, and a folding chair. And a sense of humour.

I think I'm probably experienced enough now that I think I'm ready for most eventualities, and I don't obsess as much as some about the long-range weather forecast (plus you can now buy everything you might have forgotten on the site itself). Sure, I'd like it to be sunny this year, but it's not everything.

I did, however, have a chuckle when Metcheck published their first long range forecast for this year's festival.

[via GlastoWatch]

2,500 degrees, 1350 mph winds and several kilometers of rainfall in the course of 24 hours? How on earth are you supposed to pack for that? They've now amended that forecast for something a little more temperate, but where's the fun in that?

Roll on next week.


  1. I had a dream last week, before LB and me knew we were not coming.

    I have told our friend S of my dream.

    I have told my husband of my dream.

    Now I will tell you of my dream.

    I dreamt that Glasto was not just a wash out this year, but subject to a full on circus tent destroying hurricane of epic proportions. Rivers of water were coursing down the pathways and through the fields.

    Clearly I hope that this does not happen, and maybe it was a metaphorical dream of a personal nature (a 'hurricane' has passed through my chance to attend this years festival). And I am not blessed (?) with the power of dream prophecy on any other given day.

    But I thought I might mention it all the same.
    Hope the sun shines!

  2. According to Metcheck then, Glastonbury has been relocated to the surface of the Sun. Whilst restaging the Day After Tomorrow.

    I wonder if Disaster Area are playing...

  3. I was going to leave the usual flippant cheek, but Hen has freaked me out with her spooky dream. Brrr.

    Take an extra cardi. And some HobNobs. It's the British way.

  4. Yep, gone are the days when I just used to chuck some stuff in a bag and hope for the best. I own a pair of wellies now, but in the Great Flood of 2005 I didn't even have a waterproof coat...

    Lord B and Hen not coming? That's not cricket!

    Hopefully we might get to meet up at some point? Think I've still got your number (unless it's changed in the last year). Drop me an email if so.

    Here's to a hot one...

  5. Ooh, you're off to Glasto as well? Awesome! Might have to get some packing hints from you, this will be my first time...