Wednesday 16 September 2009

I may be dumb but I'm not a dweeb....

At last! A geek / nerd / dweeb /dork venn diagram.

This is something that has been puzzling me for some time. Over the years, people have used each of these phrases, apparently interchangeably, to describe me. Although I vaguely have an idea what they mean, I've been bothered because I haven't know exactly what they mean. They might mean similar things, but I've always been pretty sure that they don't mean the same thing. I've been called all of them, but what if not all of them applied? Perhaps none of them did? If they didn't mean exactly the same thing, then isn't there likely to be a hierarchy, where one of those words might be considered to be less - or more - insulting than another? Was I taking offence needlessly, or was I not offended enough by what people were calling me?

So: here's a chart that should provide me with some of answers I've been looking for.

From here (via @annapickard)

Hmm. Unfortunately I'm still no clearer.

Well, I say I'm no clearer, what I actually mean by that is "Dangnabbit, I think I probably qualify for all of the above and that most likely makes me a nerd".

The chart must be inaccurate, right?


  1. so... there's a Venn diagram. Well since a Venn diagram test 20 years ago was the only thing i ever scored 100% on I believe that makes me some kind of expert... and also a nerd. Bother. I seem to recall one is allowed to be outside the sets though. so none of them apply. Honest.


  2. I'm happy to be called a geek, could handle nerd, but would take offence at dweeb or dork.

  3. There is no doubt... you are a geek, verging towards a nerd. But I love you just the same.