Wednesday 17 November 2010

hot legs....

I've started wearing tights under my trousers.

No wait! It's not like that.  They're compression tights, you see, so it's okay.  Right?  That's okay?  Like everyone else, my legs often ache after exercise.  Sometimes they even hurt.  Sometimes, after a long run, they hurt for a couple of days. 

My MS affects the way that I feel my muscles, and so not surprisingly it affects the way that I feel the ache in my legs after a run.  It's hard to explain, but as well as feeling the stiffness from a run, I also generally feel a bit more wobbly on my feet after exercise.  It's as though I can't quite feel the ground underneath my feet and have to be a bit careful as I take a step.

Although I knew that compression clothing can apparently help relieve muscle fatigue after exercise, it wasn't until two people mentioned to me within 24 hours that it really seemed to work, that I decided I might have a look.  Both people used compression socks, but as I get a lot of my muscle stiffness in my thighs, I thought I'd opt for tights. 

Perhaps this wouldn't have surprised anyone who'd given a moment's thought to the concept of muscle compression, but they're pretty tight.  The size chart suggested I should buy medium, but when I pulled them out of the box in the changing room, they looked minuscule.  Still, nothing ventured.....

They're brilliant.  I wear them for recovery after exercise, and they really do seem to help ward off the fatigue in my muscles, and - most importantly from my point of view - they seem to make me a little surer on my feet in the aftermath of a run.

Well, I say that's the most important thing, but secretly I've also discovered that I actually quite enjoy the feel of a pair of lycra tights underneath my trousers.  It's my little secret and it feels good.

Is that really so wrong?  It's therapeutic, dammit.

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  1. ....from the beginning of time ... men have craved to wear lycra! Still not hit you up for that cake yet! Looking like the new year now C xx