Wednesday 16 March 2011

crosswords and a flight to JFK...

Well, as it's been a good six months since I was last out of the country, we're well overdue a trip, no?  Tomorrow we're off to New York for a few days.  I've been there before, both with work and for pleasure, but this time is going to be different: we're going to be spending our time with some actual, genuine New Yorkers.  We met Jane whilst travelling in Africa in May last year and Marissa whilst travelling through SE Asia.  Bright, sparky and slightly edgy: both were the life and soul of the party and I'm pretty sure that wasn't a coincidence.  I'm very much looking forward to spending some quality time with them both.  They haven't met each other yet, but they live a few blocks apart and will be meeting in a bar near the Lincoln Centre tomorrow night.

That's St. Patrick's Day. 

In New York.

What could go wrong?

See you on the other side.

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