Monday 20 June 2011

baby, we were born to run....

In 2009, LB, C and I raised over £3,000 for the MS Society by running the Robin Hood Half Marathon.  It's taken me about two years to recover from that, but we've committed ourselves to running it again this year to raise money for the same charity.

This is something of a self-interest charity for me, of course, but LB and C are going to be raising money and putting their bodies on the line to help fight a disease that they don't even have.  How about that?

I've said it here before, but the MS Society provide an invaluable service to people diagnosed with MS and to their families: they provide information, advice and the MS Nurses that they part-fund are the gateway to the services of the NHS when you need them.  At a time when the government are threatening to make cuts to healthcare services like these, we need the MS Society more than ever before.

I'm obviously going to be banging on about this quite a lot over the next 12 weeks or so..... but I've set up a page where you can make donations to help us towards our fundraising target.  I've set an initial goal of £1,500 but I'm hoping that ultimately we'll be able to beat the total we raised in 2009.  Anything you can spare will be gratefully received.  If you'd like, you're also more than welcome to come and join us on a training run or to cheer/laugh at us on the day.

You can make a donation here.

Speaking of fundraising, here's a photo of me taken on Sunday about six miles from the finish of the Great Nottinghamshire bike ride, which a team from work took part in to raise money for Macmillan.  We've managed to raise £1,500 so far, and it was a good day.  As you can see, as an athlete in training, I took the refuelling stop very seriously indeed.  My body is a temple.... and lager and monster munch were just what the nutritionist ordered.

One last 4 mile run today, and it's now a bit of a break from exercise as we head to Somerset tomorrow night in advance of getting into the Glastonbury Festival first thing on Wednesday morning. The weather forecast is a bit patchy....

....but they'll still have cider, right?  Even for athletes in training? Especially for athletes in training?

See you on the other side of the festival.

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  1. Ali - you're a star! 1st (very generous) donation, and we're off and running.