Wednesday 14 March 2012

ich will dass ihr mir glaubt...

So, imagine my surprise when I opened up one of those weekly, circular email newsletter things that my department loves so much, to discover that one of my colleagues had been to a Rammstein gig and felt the need to include this picture in his update:

The reason for the picture?  Simple: he wanted to know how long I had been the bassist for a well-known German industrial metal band.

Um.  That's a little freaky, isn't it? height, hair, beard, frown, big-nose and all..... (compare with this.  Ideally I'd have a shot of me posing with my ukulele in a sleeveless leather jerkin, but you'll have to make do with that for now, I'm afraid....)

My colleague seemed thrilled when I told him that I do actually have a bass guitar under my spare room bed from the days when I used to dabble.  I think that he now genuinely thinks that I might be moonlighting as a business analyst and that my real career interests lie elsewhere.

Well, they do.  Don't yours?

Alright, so I'm not the bassist in an internationally renowned rock group (or am I?), but who dreams of becoming a business analyst when they grow up?


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