Thursday 22 November 2012

I'm the chairman of the bored....

It's awful.

I'm 2000 words in, apparently no closer to getting to the end and I'm boring myself with a story that seems to be rapidly drifting into pointlessness.  Do you ever have that thing where you are talking to someone, probably at work, and you have a slight out-of-body experience where you look down on yourself and realise how boring you are?  Yeah, well perhaps that's just me.  Anyway.  I'm getting that right now with this story.

I'm going to persevere for a little while longer, but I have a feeling that I might just file this one away in cold storage and come back to it another time when I'm perhaps feeling a little more inspired.

I think it's a reasonable idea, but I think it needs some wholesale re-writing to make it snappier, less mundane and, frankly, a whole lot more fun to read.

This writing thing is HARD.


Maybe I should start on something completely different and see if that unblocks me.

Wait.  That sounds wrong....


  1. I've written something completely different. It's only 500 words, but I'll put it up tomorrow.

  2. Did you write it on toilet paper whilst sat trying to clear a blockage?

  3. What I tended to do when writing stories was to invent a really cool character I could associate with.

    And then I would start the story on the other side of the universe, so the thought of getting to that character and to that plothook was this huge carrot dangling in front of me..