Wednesday 9 January 2013

I'm not just wild, I'm trained, domesticated....

My cat seems to like wildlife programmes.

She was intrigued by the baby polar bears as they left their den on the TV yesterday, but not enough to do more than lift her head up on my lap and perk up her ears.  She seems to find David Attenborough's "Africa" in High Definition today altogether more interesting.

She really liked the lions - she wasn't scared at all and got as close to the screen as she could.  When she was listening to them, it's almost as though she could somehow understand that they were cats.  By the time the mountain gorillas were on, she was chatting away at the screen and reaching up to try and touch the screen.  Perhaps she was wondering where the lions went.  Cute, but on an HD plasma screen, probably not to be encouraged.....

She's been absolutely gripped by it.

Worth the price of the licence fee on its own.

There you go, internet.  A cat post.  Enjoy.

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