Tuesday 29 January 2013

mr brightside....

I was chatting to a colleague in-between meetings today about my imminent holiday.  As you do.

"So you're off next week?"
"Yes, that's right: we're off to Lanzarote on Saturday to spend a week diving and to finish off our PADI Advanced Open Water qualification."
"It'll be cold there, won't it?"
"Well, the temperature will be 22C or thereabouts.  Quite pleasant.  Warmer than here, anyway."
"Right.  But the water will be cold this time of year"
"Not really.  The Canary Islands are washed by a warm oceanic current, so they're pretty warm all year round.  The water will probably be about 17C.  Besides, I'll be wearing a wetsuit, so...."

They still seemed determined to rain on my parade.

"When we were there, we all got terrible food-poisoning...."
"Oh really.  Well where were you eating?  I'll make a point not to go there."
"We were self-catering"

Honestly.   And people think I'm a glass-half-empty kind of a guy.  They had one final parting shot for me before they moved on to their next meeting:

"Well, it will be windy!"
"Not underwater...."

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