Monday 4 March 2013

bones up against the wall

I am short-tempered,
Quick to take offence and slow to forgive.
I am vain.
I am toweringly confident and I am desperately insecure.
Emotionally, I am closed.
I am a rock.
My affections are secrets, rarely expressed.
My opinions are loud, even when unspoken.
I am awkward and prickly.
I am cussed.
I am stubborn.
The glass is half-empty and cracked beyond repair.

I criticise.
I judge.
I destroy.

I am all.

I am tolerant and kind.
I am playful and quick to laugh.
I am considerate and quick to praise.
I am loyal.
I am honest and open.
I am modest.
The glass is half-empty and cracked beyond repair,
But still I pour myself in.

I give.
I help.
I try.

I am nothing.

I am all of these things.
I am the best and worst of us.

I am the day and they only see the night.


  1. Actually, having read many of your entries, the day is clearly visible. Maybe they should look a bit harder?

  2. that's what I think too... but if they're not interested in looking, whose problem is that? I nearly tagged this as "my brilliant career", but this started out as a potential opening chapter to a story I'm chewing over, and it ended up as a sort-of poem. It needs work, but I'm all about getting the work in progress out there on here.

  3. no wait! What am I saying? It's FICTION!