Friday 13 September 2013

du hast mich gefragt...

Earworms of the Week.

Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.

I've been working odd hours and cycling to work in the dark of a morning.... but you know what? I do feel pretty good at the moment.  I was having that conversation at work the other day about how no good music ever came out of happiness and that misery has all the good tunes.  Well, this is pretty upbeat and feelgood, isn't it?

City's breaking down on a camel's back.
They just have to go 'cause they don't know wack
So all you fill the streets it's appealing to see
You won't get out the county, 'cause you're bad and free
You've got a new horizon it's ephemeral style.
A melancholy town where we never smile.
And all I wanna hear is the message beep.
My dreams, they've got to kiss me 'cause I don't get sleep, no

Hmm. Well, it's got an upbeat and feelgood tune, anyway.

Theme from “Bread”

Especially that bit where Jack goes "buying, selling...the game's getting hard".  This was massive back in the day, wasn't it?  I imagine if I watched it now, it would be awful.  Didn't they change some of the main actors and keep going?  Yeah, that's a pretty tough thing to pull off.  Still, looking back now, I suppose having a sit com about a struggling family of catholic scousers trying to make ends meet in Thatcher's Britain was probably quite brave.

AC/DC – “Let Me Put My Love Into You

Stupid, but gloriously so.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela – “Orion”. 

You just can't beat a bit of Metallica played on duelling fast, rhythmic acoustic guitars, can you?

House of Love – “Shine on

Steve Lamacq played this on his 6Music show whilst I was having a show the other day when I got back from work.  It's from what?  1987 or 1988?  I was probably just getting into heavy metal, and was likely only peripherally aware of this at the time... although it does seem to be one of those songs that has sunk into my subconscious.  I've never owned any music by the band, but I seem to be more than passingly familiar with the song.  I suppose that's probably one of the signs of a decent song, eh?

Frank Sinatra – “New York, New York

We're thinking of maybe taking a trip to New York around New Year, so that probably explains the earworm.  I have something of a love/hate relationship with Sinatra: I kind of hate everything about him, from his image as a "wiseguy" to his intensely irritating off-the-beat style of singing.  And yet I keep coming back to stuff he's done purely for the reason that he did it better than anybody else.  This song has largely been ruined by drunk idiots the world over, but it still sounds splendid when Frank does it.

Del Shannon – “Runaway

All it took was one of my colleagues to murmur "I wonder" to himself as he pondered something we were working on, and my brain was off at full steam.  I wah wah wah wah wondered.... etc. Deadly.

Daft Punk – “Give Life Back To Music

We started cooking dinner pretty late last night.  It was gone half eight and we were having a stir fry with prawns.  As I contemplated the mountain of vegetables in front of me that needed washing, peeling, chopping and stir frying, I paused to think about what I wanted to listen to.  I came up with "Random Access Memories".  An excellent decision.

Happy Mondays – “Loose Fit

My wife grew up in France and she appears to have missed the whole 'baggy' phase entirely.  As we listened to this song in the kitchen, she thought it was awful and just did not understand why the strange man was going on about:

Don't need no skin tights in my wardrobe today
Fold them all up and put them all away
Won't be no misfit in my household today
Pick them all out and send them on their way

My attempt to explain to her about the fashion of the time for massive flares, and she just got even more confused.  She definitely wasn't having it and I don't think she likes the Happy Mondays very much.  They're twisting her melon, man.... they talk so hip...they're twisting her melon man.

Rammstein – “Du Hast

Their bassist, Oliver Riedel, freaks me out a little for obvious reasons...

...but I have to admit that I've just been discovering and downloading their music, and you can't beat a good bit of Germanic industrial metal now and again, can you?  Amazing live, I hear.  Well, perhaps one day.  It's a bad ass video, anyway.

Right, well I'm knackered after this week and feel the need for some Leffe Blonde and perhaps a bit of Tomb Raider.  Ah.  That's living alright.  Have a good weekend, y'all.

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