Monday 14 October 2013

full of fun, seems to be the ideal....

I'm learning more about my new colleagues with every day that passes.

Colleague: "So, did you watch X-Factor at the weekend?"
Me: "No".
Colleague: "Do you ever watch anything like that or Britain's Got Talent?"
Me: "Not really.  I watch BBC4".
Colleague: "There's a BBC4?"
Me: "Yes".
Colleague: [shrugs] "I didn't know the channels went up that high.  I like BBC3 though".
Me: "BBC4, darling.  BBC4."

Hmm.....or possibly, they're learning an awful lot more about me.

Let's consider the evidence: I live in a pleasant, leafy suburb of Nottingham; I have a vegetable box delivered; I considered voting Green in the last local elections (but didn't); I listen to the kind of talk radio shows that don't have adverts; I buy CDs; I cycle to work; I consider carbon off-setting my flights until I see how much that actually costs.

Good heavens.  When did I become one of those people?

Y'all don't know what it's like, 
Being male, middle-class and white....

Sham on.


  1. Tell them you know someone who doesn't watch normal aerial broadcast or satellite tv unless its a live football match.

    The future is on demand, you watch what you want when you want. That includes binge watching digital streams of tv shows.

    Whilst down with HFM I devoured a tonne of series, episode after episode.

    XFactor? Thankfully not preserved for viewing, that says something doesnt it?

  2. I discovered a documentary film -- the great hip hop hoax - on the iPlayer yesterday... I nearly went to see that at the cinema a couple of weeks ago, so I was delighted and watched it immediately. It's excellent and still available to stream. Do yourself a favour, it's quite a story (and a lot better than anything else on the actual telly yesterday afternoon). Basically my whole tv watching experience is watching stuff on my Sky+. Who watches actual tv?