Wednesday 2 October 2013

man machine....

I got up this morning to get to a 0730 meeting.  It was dark and it was pouring with rain.  The thought of using the car briefly crossed my mind, and then I got into my cycling gear, got my bike out of the shed and cycled to work as has become my regular routine.  I even took the slightly longer, scenic route along the river.  Well... what the hell: my panniers are waterproof and there's a decent set of showers at work, so what's the problem?  The wave of worthiness I felt at my magnificence was genuinely moving, and only got stronger when I was informed how bad the traffic was and that journeys not much longer than my commute were taking ninety minutes longer than usual.

Boy, did I feel smug.

To increase my worthy glow, I then went for a run at lunchtime.  My running buddy was keen to run, but only if it had stopped raining.  I bullied her into coming with me, and I think she was pleased of the nudge as we had a good chat, although to be honest I'm not sure at what point a single-minded bloody determination to do something stops being a virtue and creeps towards becoming a mental illness.  The run was a bit of a slog, actually probably because I was suffering a bit from injecting myself first thing in the morning before I came to work.  I usually do it just before bed so that I can sleep through most of the side-effects (headaches, flu-like symptoms), but I forgot and wanted to get it done.  I developed a bit of a headache in the afternoon, but if anything, this just made me feel even better about myself for my all round awesomeness.

By the time I pulled on my soaking wet, sweaty cycling clothes to go home, the traffic was queuing back right from the car parks and it looked as though people were going to be stuck there for hours.  I cycled right past them all, trying my best to resist the temptation of waving at them as I swept down the cycle path.

It had even stopped raining.

I can't help it.  It's a compulsion.  This is how my brain works.
Yee-haw! 1-2-3-4.
*shoots gun into the air*


  1. Honestly, I kept waiting for something to happen to you to offset your smugness. Sadly, you were rewarded instead. I suppose, since you were doing the right thing overall, you deserved your smug win. LOL

  2. Well, I got rained on.... That has to count for something, right?

  3. Okay, I'll give you that one.