Monday 17 February 2014

daisy, daisy...

"When you were growing up, did you have one of those bikes with a really big front wheel?  A shilling something?" team are absolutely **loving** the fact that I'm about to turn 40.  Loving it.

Mind you, it's end of year reviews shortly after my birthday, so they can laugh it up all they want for now.

I've got a memory like an elephant and I **never** forget.  Never!

[shakes fist]


  1. 40 is fun. It's the new 30, hadn't you heard?

  2. This is somewhat off topic but there used to be a gentleman who rode around Ealing, London on a penny farthing back in the late 80s. He would dress up, and wave as he rode past.

    40 is not bad.

    Having the mid-life crisis is though.