Thursday 27 March 2014

constant craving...

Generally, I take my lunch to work with me every morning.  My office has a canteen, so it's not as though there isn't a good selection of hot and cold meals available, and it's not about saving money or anything.  I just prefer it.  This week, for example, I've been eating a roll filled with mature cheddar, black wiltshire ham and chili bacon relish.  They just don't sell that kind of thing in the shop, do they?

The only problem is that, if left to my own devices, I will start to eat my delicious lunch at about 10:30.  In an attempt to distract myself from the main course, I take a pot of carrots, celery and tomato that I graze on throughout the morning, pretty much from the moment I finish my first pot of coffee.  As it is, I've usually completely finished my lunch before noon.

That's fine, but as I don't generally eat dinner until around 9pm, it does mean that I can get a bit hungry in the afternoon.... which as I usually take some form of exercise every evening before my tea, I often head out for a run with a rumbling tummy.

That can't exactly be performance enhancing, can it?

I went running this evening. I cycled back from the office, changed into my running kit and then headed out of the door for a slightly sluggish 4.59 miler.  I was hungry when I set out, and my Garmin tells me that I burned 685 calories before I got home and (eventually) had my tea.

A chicken and vegetable soup will fill that hole, right?  I'd hate to go to bed on a calorie deficit.  Perhaps I'd better eat some biscuits too.  And maybe some cake.  Yeah, best to be on the safe side.  I understand that overweight is the new normal now, but I can still see my ribs, so to hell with that.

On a slightly related topic...... is it okay for runners to jog on the spot when they're held up at a traffic light?  Personally, I don't.  I stand still and wait for the lights to change.  It's sharks who die when they don't move, not runners.

Still, live and let live, and if you're happy to be seen doing the potty dance by passing motorists, then I guess that's up to you.


  1. In the interests of credit being assigned where credit is due, I should say the whole stopping at traffic lights/ potty dance thing came from a post Runkeeper put up on Facebook this evening....

  2. With regards to traffic lights, it depends on the stop. On my runs I have to cross numerous roads, and at most I stop. However, one can take so long to change that my legs start to seize up and take a good quarter of a mile to recover. I tend to run up and down (a bit like a mad chicken) waiting for those lights.