Thursday 12 June 2014

oh shit, I gotta headrush....

Earworms of the Week

It’s My Life” – Talk Talk
"It's My Life" - Dr Albarn
"It's My Life" - Bon Jovi

Three songs with the same name and I'm not entirely sure which one popped into my head first.  I **think** it was the Talk Talk one, but it's hard to say for sure.  The problem is that once one of them got in, the others were only a short way behind.  Very different songs, I'm sure you'll agree.  If I had to put them in order of preference, I would probably have them in the order I've put them above.  There's nothing much wrong with the Jovi song, but they were pretty much past their peak at this point.  They're not exactly going through the motions, but JBJ just isn't feeling it like Dr Albarn.  The Talk Talk song makes me think of playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.  It has that epic, sweeping feel to it of all the truly great songs from the 1980s....

The Things We Do For Love” – 10cc

Um.  This is shit. Why is it in my head?  Like walking in the rain and snow and....etc.

Cecilia” – Simon & Garfunkel

Ah, that's better.  S&G never seem to be too far away from my internal jukebox, which is probably a good thing, given the amount of metal that I've been listening to recently.  They're absolutely brilliant, of course, but they have a lovely touch of nerd about them that they just can't shake off.  I can't decide if it's coming from Art or Paul, and it's probably coming from both.  It's very endearing, in a Napoleon Dynamite kind of way...

Yeah, it's Garfunkel, isn't it?

Fell on Black Days” - Soundgarden

I had a spell this week where I listened to quite a lot of Soundgarden and Audioslave.  To be honest, Audioslave are probably a better band on paper than they are on record, but they're still worth a listen.  Soundgarden were also a bit of a curate's egg of a band... capable of really hitting the heights, but never quite managing to sustain it.  That said, you can't go far wrong with "Rusty Cage" or "Jesus Christ Pose" and "Superunknown" is a very good album indeed.  Cornell is quite a singer, when he puts his mind to it.  Actually, although they're great when they rock out, some of their best moments are when they reign it back in, as they do here.  Good song.

Delilah” – Tom Jones

I know he's cheesy as hell, but I've always had a bit of a soft-spot for our Tom.  Ridiculous man, clearly, but a legend all the same.  This earworm could have been worse too, as "Sex Bomb" has been knocking around inside my head too.  Does the man have no sense of dignity?

Gonna Leave You” – Queens of the Stone Age

"Songs for the Deaf" is an album of the highest, highest quality... one of the very best that I own, and it's always a pleasure to dig it out and give it a listen. QOTSA at Rock City in 2002 remains one of the finest gigs I have had the pleasure of attending.  Their last few albums haven't really taken off for me, but we'll always have this one.

"Copacabana (at the Copa)" - Barry Manilow

Do I need to explain?  ITV are enduringly shit at covering major sporting events, aren't they?  I stuck to Springwatch until kick off.... rock and roll, eh?  What a story this song tell though, eh?  Drama!

Vietnow” – Rage Against the Machine

Probably some more fallout from my Soundgarden/Audioslave binge.  You really can't beat a bit of Rage.  I tend to focus on their debut album, but I dug out "Evil Empire" and gave it a bit of love this week.  Boy, were they angry.  Love it.  There's a lot more to RATM than "Killing in the Name".

Uh.  Come on!

...and that's your lot.  I was supposed to be in Normandy this weekend paying my respects to C's grandfather, who was a glider pilot who died on D-Day.  The French are striking though, and it would have taken us three hours just to get out of Paris, never mind how long it would take C's parents to get up from Orleans.  Instead, we've cancelled and will go another time.  It's a shame, but I suppose he won't mind.  As a result, I now have a bonus day off with nothing lined up but to watch the cricket at Lords, the World Cup in Brazil and then England playing rugby in New Zealand.  It's a hard knock life.  Have a good weekend, y'all (well, it's the weekend for me, anyway)


  1. that 10cc song IS shit - it's also the title of a terrible Alan Ayckbourn play (claims to be a comedy, but like most of his work, much too miserable) - i heard a version on Radio 4 Extra when i was bedridden with a relapse a couple of years ago - and that song was used as punctuation between pretty much every scene.

    the horror...

  2. Days off are brilliant. It's a beautiful sunny day and at 10am I've already had a haircut and have cycled to a sunny gym for a swim. Later, I might get some lunch and watch some cricket. Happy days.