Tuesday 8 July 2014

this mess we're in....

I had a coaching session with my boss this afternoon.  Not as painful as it sounds, it was actually okay and it's nice to work for someone who is genuinely interested in these things.  I was left entirely stumped though when I was asked for three words to describe how my team might describe me, three words for how my friends might describe me and three words for how my wife might describe me.

I honestly have no idea.  Er.  Loyal?  Approachable?  Annoying?

I scratched my head for a while and thought hard.  It's a difficult question to answer.  It ought to be a straightforward exercise, but I found it really difficult.

When I thought about the words that C. might use to describe me, I did have a flash of inspiration.


Mostly untidy though, I think.

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  1. As a sidebar to this, I just did an image search on google for "untidy house" and one of my own pictures came up on the first page! In my defence, it was one of my really tidy built-in shelving unit.....