Wednesday 20 August 2014

like minded fool....

I had a meeting at work with someone I've not met before the other day.  We were making small talk before the meeting started, as you do, when she stopped talking, looked me up and down and said:
"Do you run?  You look like a runner...."

I assumed that by this, she meant that I looked gaunt, tired and hungry*.

I took it as a compliment, obviously.

Turns out she's a runner too, so we talked about running for a bit before the really boring stuff started.  She likes to fell run.  Crazy fool.

* to be fair, it might also have been the Garmin GPS watch I was wearing too, but that's not as good a story.  Runners are pretty dull at the best of times, but definitely in small groups talking about running.  Can you imagine?


  1. Had to look up fell running.

  2. Sounds horrible, right? Not quite a linguistic disconnect like the one we had over the phrase "smoking a fag", though eh?