Tuesday 19 August 2014

lovely spam, wonderful spam....

Yesterday, some an email landed in my inbox at work that made very little sense indeed. It read:

"Harris was wounded in the groin by Miller's fourth shot, and ended up losing a testicle. One will not find any bustling shopping malls there but quiet long trails.  His formal campaign had lasted only three and a half months. It is reported that some units remained in service several more years. This was part of a regular practice of the Tacoma Times of sponsoring events for their carriers. The ACG was formed in February 2002 by merging Tactical Fighter Group with Strike Reconnaissance Group. Concerto for flute and harp in C, K. Byrne played the lead keyboard solo. They are also developing other projects".

Since we switched our corporate email a few years ago so that it was hosted by Microsoft out in the cloud, the odd junk email has made its way through the firewalls and not been caught and filtered into a spam folder before I see it in my inbox.  Generally speaking though, all of these elaborate security precautions work perfectly well and the only real unwanted email I receive is the stuff I get from my colleagues in the course of a normal working day.

This one, however, did slip through the net.

What I particularly like about it is that it seems to serve no obvious purpose: it didn't have an attachment for me to click and unleash a vicious and malignant virus into the network; neither did it have a particular call to action that might induce me to reply or a hyperlink that I might be tempted to click.  Possibly those things were stripped out before I opened the mail, although I like to think that it's just an epically pointless piece of junk mail that has been manually sent to me personally by someone with nothing more than a slightly perverse joy in the use of the English language and in non-sequiturs, perhaps recognising that I was a kindred spirit.

If that's the case, then I salute them for their work.  I especially like the detail, after learning that poor Harris lost a testicle, that K. Byrne played the lead keyboard solo.

If I received more email like this during the course of my working day, then I think I would be a generally happier person.  Who wouldn't be?

It makes at least as much sense as most of the email that I receive, anyway.

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