Friday 22 August 2014


I mentioned yesterday that I did a quiz for a thing at work the other week.  Well, if you're interested, here it is.  Have a go and let me know what you think. 

I think there's something like 77 points on offer in total (including the bonus two in the top ten round).  The winning team on the day got something like 62 points.  I tried not to make it too easily google-able, but also not so difficult as to be ridiculous.  

Have a go! I'll put the answers up in a bit.

Round One – Famous Pauls

1. Ex-Beatle

2. Movie star and salad dressing tycoon

3. Garfunkel's partner

4. Crocodile Dundee

5. Former football midfielder who played his entire 20-year career with Manchester United

6. member of the bands The Jam and the Style Council

7. Nottingham born Fashion designer

8. Actor who played Jesse in Breaking Bad

9. Actor famous for playing Brian Fantana in Anchorman and Phoebe’s boyfriend Mike in Friends

10. The Fast and the Furious actor who died in 2013

Round Two – World Cup

1. What was the score in the Brazil – Germany semi-final?

2. What year was the first FIFA world cup tournament

3. Who won the first world cup

4. Brazil have won the tournament the most times – how many?

5. What was the score in the final in 1966 when England beat West Germany?

6. What is the name of the original World Cup trophy

7. What is the name of the dog that found the trophy when it was stolen in 1966

8. 2 players captained England in this year’s world cup – name them both

9. In which 2 years did David Beckham captain the England World cup Finals team?

10. Which is the the only nation to have played in every World Cup?

Round Three – General Knowledge

1. What is the fastest land animal?

2. What is the most common element in the Earth's atmosphere?

3. If the score is love-15, what sport are you playing?

4. The song "Candle in the Wind" was dedicated to what actress?

5. What country traditionally produces port wine?

6. What brand of beer does Homer Simpson drink?

7. What condiment is sometimes called Japanese horseradish?

8. Who is the Lord of the Rings?

9. What river flows parallel to the Euphrates?

10. Who painted the Mona Lisa

Round Four –Top ten round. 

Countries by population: name 5 of the top 10 most populated countries in the world.
5 points on offer, but a bonus 2 points if you can name the top 5.

Round 5 – Nearest Nottingham (as the crow flies)

1. Derby, Mansfield or Leicester?

2. Glasgow, Dublin or Plymouth?

3. Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam?

4. Madrid, Vienna or Stockholm?

5. Chicago, Nairobi, Delihi?

Round 6 – On this Day in History: 31st July 2014 (the day I did the quiz)

1. It’s JK Rowling’s birthday today. Within 2 years either side, how old is she?

2. It’s Fat Boy Slim’s birthday today. Within 2 years either side, how old is he?

3. Former England Manager Bobby Robson died on this day in history. Within 2 years either side, what year did he die?

4. Including today, how many days have there been so far this year?

5. On this day in history, the Spanish Armada was spotted off the coast of England and Sir Francis Drake finished his game of bowls before setting sail from Plymouth to defeat them. Which century?

Round 7 – Pictures

Round 8 – Cover Versions. 

What song do the following artists have in common?

1. Norman Greenbaum, Doctor and the Medics, Gareth Gates & The Kumars

2. Leonard Cohen, John Cale, Jeff Buckley, kd lang, Rufus Wainwright, Alexandra Burke

3. The Troggs, Wet, Wet, Wet, R.E.M. (and apparently Metallica!)

4. Righteous Brothers, Robson & Jerome, Elvis Presley, U2, Gareth Gates, Duane Eddie

5. Johnny Cash, Nine Inch Nails

Round 9 - Lyrics.  Name that song.

1. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

2. U don't have 2 be beautiful 2 turn me on

3. They've been going in and out of style, But they're guaranteed to raise a smile, So may I introduce to

4. I could see that girl was no good for me, But I was lost like a slave that no man could free

5. Anybody could be that guy, Night is young and the music's high

6. And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby, When you say you will (say you will) but I
love you still

7. I think I love you, But I wanna know for sure

8. Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,

9. They let you dream, Just to watch 'em shatter, You're just a step, On the boss-man's ladder

10. The Mississippi Delta was shining, Like a National guitar

Round 10 –Movies By Spoiler

1. The planet was Earth all along

2. Verbal is Keyser Soze

3. Darth Vader is Luke's father

4. 299 die

5. The kid's therapist is a ghost

6. Tyler Durden isn't real

7. The detective's wife's head is in the box

8. The killer's mother is part of his split personality

9. They drive into the Grand Canyon

10. The alien invaders are killed by Earth's microbes


  1. Hmm, not super easy. Got seven of the Paul's (didn't know the last three). Won't even try to guess the football ones. Got seven of the general knowledge. Would have got nine but plumped for ostrich and Spain. No idea though about the Japanese Horseradish. Got my five out of ten populations and four of the top five, was let down by Russia though. Round five would have been total guesswork (of which I disapprove). Didn't have a clue for the first four dates but know the year rather than just the century of the last one. Pictures: only really sure of Bob. Cover versions: four solid, I'd be guessing which one of the only two Righteous Bros songs no. 4 was. Lyrics: seven, the Coldplay one did my nut in for about ten minutes. Knew all the movies, though I've only seen 8 of the films. So, 42-ish, I think. Football and geography are my Achilles heels, clearly. Oh, and science and maths. And classical music.

  2. And to cap it all I've gone and put an apostrophe in Pauls.

  3. A good effort, to be fair. You should have seen the look of scorn on one competitor's face after round one question one. The look faded.

  4. I had to skip all the sports, music and some of the geography questions, but I'm pretty happy with my general knowledge and my film knowledge is pretty good.