Wednesday 22 October 2014

a little bit taller....

On Sunday morning, my very busy wife left for a week long business trip to Beijing.  I had idly planned a day of doing nothing much more than watching films, but then chance intervened.  LB had mentioned the Hockley Hustle at Parkrun the day before, and now a flyer for the festival fell out of the copy of Leftlion that I picked up on Friday night.  It's a multi-venue, single day event with more than 400 artists performing on 40 stages around the Lace Market area in Nottingham town centre.  It's mostly local bands with the money raised going to local charities.

Looking at the running order, I could see that lots of the bands that I have reviewed for Leftlion over the last couple of years were playing: Band of Jackals, Bus Stop Madonnas, Captain Dangerous, The Golden Troubadours, Ropewalk....

Well, why not?  LB had asked if I fancied tagging along, and so I gladly took him up on his kind offer.

It was great fun.  I didn't tick all of those bands off my list, but I did see several of them, and I also saw fantastic sets by Gallery 47 at the Contemporary and Kane Ashmore at Antenna. I also got to meet the (new-ish) editor of Leftlion, a magazine that I've been writing music reviews for now for a little while now.  She recognised my name when we were introduced, frowned slightly and said:
"You're taller than I imagined".

Um.  Taller than average and therefore taller than you were expecting, or taller than you had imagined from reading my reviews of albums and EPs by local bands?  Is there something about the music of Nottingham's punk and metal bands that encourages fans of a smaller than average stature? Or is it perhaps my writing itself?

Be honest: do I write like a much shorter man?

It was a good day.

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