Monday 13 October 2014

time marches on...

I started the process for drafting a will this evening.  We've sort of been meaning to do this ever since we bought the house, more than a decade ago, but have only just got around to it.  Perhaps we're feeling a touch more mortal since we both hit forty.

I was doing fine until I was asked about what funeral arrangements I wanted.  They didn't want a full service order or anything like that -- we're playing The Crazy World of Arthur Brown's Fire, right? We're all agreed on that much at least. Maybe some Maiden too -- but they did want to know the basic stuff: what kind of casket? cremated? That kind of thing.

Clearly, I'm not religious.  I also don't much care what happens to my corpse after I'm done with it.  That said, I'm keen not to make too much of a dent on the environment either.  No hardwood casket for me.  Cremation and a cardboard box will do fine.

Hmm.  I had an idea.

"Is it possible to make a provision in my will that my beneficiaries have to turn my ashes into some kind of jewellery and that they then have to wear said articles of jewellery for a set period of time if they are to inherit?"
"Yes.  That would be a little unusual, but it's certainly possible"

Is it bad that I'm now thinking of how tasteless I could make that jewellery? Some kind of massive, hideous ring? A broach? Earrings? A tiara, perhaps? Something to remember me by?

Why would I come up with an idea like that?  Well, I once killed a guy, captured his soul, resurrected him, killed him again and then enchanted his soul into a gem which I then gave to his girlfriend.

Oh no, wait.... that was in Skyrim.

I think this evening's will session was in the real world, but frankly I'm finding it harder and harder to tell.  I don't think it matters much, to be honest.

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