Friday 7 November 2014

lovely day...

This piece of graffiti appeared in an underpass on my route to work a couple of weeks ago.  Nottingham Council have a zero tolerance for this sort of thing, so I imagine that it will be painted over before too long, just as they painted over the mural of the Bender-like robot that was in the same underpass a few months ago.

It seems a bit of a shame, to be honest.  I cycle past this twice a day, and every single time it makes me smile.

It's the kiss that makes it, but the whole thing has a pleasing symmetry to go with its cheerful message.

This clearly isn't a spontaneous bit of vandalism; this involved planning, care and no little skill.  There are apparently other versions of this dotted elsewhere around the city.

That makes me happy.

....but, you know, go ahead and paint it over, Nottingham Council.  Those concrete fly-overs are much better in their natural shade of grey.

This is still my favourite piece of Nottingham graffiti though... from a bridge just around the corner from that underpass, from a couple of years ago.

Painting over that was just a crime.

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