Friday 10 April 2015

good advice....

I've got an appointment with the neurologist on Friday.  Whilst looking for the letter with the details of which clinic in the labyrinthine QMC and when, I discovered a letter from the consultant in sports & exercise medicine that I saw in May 2013.

I saw this guy because of the ongoing problems I was having in my left-side: plantar fascia, ITB, hip.... as the letter indicates, he quickly worked out that there was pretty substantial muscle wastage in my left quadricep and a loss of dorsiflexion in my left ankle, and that most of my problems could be traced to these two things.  Both seemed to be caused by my MS, and so there wasn't really very much he could do for me apart from encourage me to keep on keeping on.

He did have some recommendations though:

"Impressions and Plan: He presents with an interesting history and I am keen to support him in his activities. I think he should continue with mixed activities as a triathlete rather than wholly rely on running.  Furthermore, I have suggested that he does not undertake longer runs when clearly he is at greater risk of worsening foot drop and tripping...."

I shouldn't undertake longer runs.



My bad.

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