Thursday 16 April 2015

(I don't want your) photograph....

Do you remember that website from way back in the day where a guy called Eric attempted to convey any requested emotion? Pity, horror, love, bemused resignation, indifference, kill.... that kind of thing.

Well, get your thinking caps on and let me know what emotion you think this guy is conveying.

It was taken by my friend Tony in Sheffield the other day when we were up there for the Bevox Rocks concert (He's a keen and very talented photographer, but I was happily quite elusive from his camera for the most of the day and during the actual performance itself, but he did manage to catch me here, it seems)

I'm going for "mildly perplexed"....


  1. ("grey and bald" isn't really an emotion)

  2. "The sun is in my eyes and I forgot my sunglasses and/or hat."

  3. I had both of those things on me, Dan.. but yeah, it's pretty much that too!