Wednesday 20 May 2015

round and round and round...

Spending an hour running around in circles. Round and round and round.  6 x 90 seconds at about one mile pace with three minutes recovery and then one last burst of 2 x 30 seconds at a bit faster than mile pace.

It hurts, too.

An hour running around in circles on the grass by the Embankment, pretty much literally going nowhere.

You'll notice that I tracked it on my garmin.

This is the kind of training you do to increase your speed and your speed endurance.  It's also the kind of training that I'm much more likely to do if there's someone there with a whistle encouraging me and telling me when to run and when to stop.  It's run over summer by the guys who organise the parkrun I attend most Saturdays, and it's completely free.  I did this last year, and although it's really hard and it hurts (if you're doing it right), it definitely makes you faster.  After four months of marathon training, it's just the ticket for shaking myself out of marathon pace and trying to get myself back up to somewhere nearer the pace I want to be running.

It's just how I like to roll on a Wednesday evening.  At least it wasn't raining this week.

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