Wednesday 15 July 2015

best of you...

Sweatshop just asked this question on their facebook feed:

"Who remembers their very first run? How far have you come since then... and how much have you improved? Share your story!"

There are lots of great stories on there already, but as I've just completed a magic mile as part of the interval training run by the Colwick parkrun team on the Nottingham Embankment and because I got a new PB of 6:28:1 -- an improvement of a shade under two seconds on last year -- I felt compelled to comment:

"I used to hate cross-country running at school and walked at every opportunity. I reluctantly ran for fitness after that, but wouldn't say I was any more than a dabbler until maybe 2002/3, when I did a couple of sprint triathlons. The bug really got me when I started started getting the symptoms of what turned out to be MS in 2005. The running made me feel like I wasn't just waiting for things to stop working and gave me a good, honest fatigue instead of the awful, weasely fatigue you get with MS. I joined SRC in 2012 and have loved running with my running buddies, further and faster than ever before. In 2013, I thought I was going to have to stop because of an accumulation of issues caused by my MS, but kept going and completed my first marathon at London this year. Running is far more important to me than just a physical exercise, and I'm inspired by the friendship and generosity of the people I've met at SRC and at parkrun. You guys are the best!"

TL;DR, right?


  1. It's funny, isn't it: I was an umpire in a rounders tournament at work today, and was on my feet for about four hours. When I turned up to the session this evening, I felt a bit wobbly and my legs didn't entirely feel like my own.... but it just goes to show, eh?

  2. I'll probably talk about something other than running tomorrow, you'll be pleased to hear. We had our big end of season concert with choir yesterday, for starters.