Wednesday 2 March 2016

I'm still yawning...

I need to apologise to everyone.

I've been listening to my conversation over the last few weeks, and I've realised quite how much of it is taken up by talking about running.  I suspect that this is boring to other runners, never mind to normal people....

I suppose this is a natural and inevitable side-effect of the fact that, as marathon training continues to ramp up remorselessly, more and more of my time is spent either running or thinking about when I'm going to fit in my next run and what routes I'm going to take to make up the mileage.... It's bad enough that this dominates my every waking moment, and I don't really mean for this to leak out into conversation, but it does.

Even when people aren't actively asking me about it (and, amazingly, even people who aren't runners are sometimes polite enough to at least pretend to be interested in my running), the simplest enquiry seems to lead to running:

Any plans for the weekend?
You look tired. Are you okay?
Fancy a beer later?
Are you watching The Jump?

OK, so maybe the person who asked me that last one was expecting me to talk about Dean Cain and Ricky from Eastenders or something and not my 8 mile mid-week training run, but I just can't help myself.

In an attempt to make myself slightly more diverse in my conversation, I've been ramping up my efforts to get through Breaking Bad.... but as I'm still on Season 3 and at least 5 years behind the curve, most people who have watched it are are too scared to say much n case they accidentally spoil it for me.  I had this conversation with a friend at choir last night who is a big fan:

"So, where have you got up to?"
"Oh, I'm on the episode with the Fly, and my heart was in my mouth when I thought that Walt was going to accidentally tell Jesse about walking out on Jane that time..."
"Um..... how's the training going?"


So.  Sorry.  I did this to you last year too, didn't I?  It won't happen again.  I promise.

What?  I said that last year too?

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