Wednesday 14 September 2016

I hate these blurred lines...

So, I went to the opticians in the end.  Of course I did.  No matter how much I kind of didn't really want to know if there was something wrong.... when it comes down to it, I'm logical enough to know that there wasn't any other choice but to go and to find out what was going on, and if the visual issues I was experiencing were anything to do with my MS. In my world, ignorance is not bliss.

... and I suppose there's good news and there's bad news.

The good news is that my optic nerve looks really healthy and my pupil dilation and things are in good shape.  Excellent.

The bad news?

Apparently, I'm getting old.

I don't need reading glasses, and my overall vision is pretty good.... but the optician gently suggested to me that I might benefit from a pair of glasses to sharpen things up a bit when I'm watching telly in the evening or working in bad light on my computer at work.  I knew he was right the moment he said it too.  In fact, deep down, I was pretty sure that this was going to be the outcome before I walked in.

And you know what?  That's okay by me.

I started wearing glasses when I was 5 years old and needed some pretty hefty correction from then until the day I had lenses implanted in 2008 (-ish).  Although the surgery was a cosmetic procedure, in the sense that I didn't need to have it done and my vision could be satisfactorily corrected using glasses or contact lenses... it was nothing short of life-changing.  If you've been blessed with good vision, you'll never understand, but any glasses wearer will probably know exactly what I mean: being able to wake up in the night and go to the loo without having to grope your way around; to be able to go running without needing to think about contact lenses; to be able to *see*.

But wearing glasses for an hour or so a day when I need a little boost is completely different to needing to wear them every waking moment.  It might seem like a little thing to you, but for the first time in my life, I've been able to choose any frame I wanted, knowing that my lenses aren't going to look like milk bottles.. or even to just be able to try a frame on and see what I look like wearing them.

I've discovered that, in the main, I quite liked the fuzzy edges.  Life looks mostly ok with slightly fuzzy edges.  I also feel a little drunk wearing these glasses.  I'm not sure that used to happen.  Maybe that's my age too.

... my colleagues tell me that they make me look intelligent.  Or like a geography teacher.

Well, it's early days.

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