Monday 27 February 2017

will you call my name?

 I filled out a survey at running club this evening.  I wouldn't normally consider this worth mentioning, except that I found this one intriguing.  There was only one question:

"What did you have for breakfast this morning?"

I can't even remember who was collecting the information, or why they wanted it, but I was fascinated by the simplicity of the whole thing.  One question only....but what a question!  So many possibilities for the most important meal of the day!

Of course, this being a running club, on a Monday night the answers were all fairly drab and worthy: a smoothie, fruit, shredded wheat, soaked oats... that kind of thing.

If the question had asked me what I had for my breakfast on Sunday, the answer would have been a single, small and slightly disappointing banana followed by an 11.5 mile run and then two bacon cobs with an assortment of mushrooms and a whole black pudding.

But they didn't ask me about Sunday's breakfast, they asked about Monday.

I had several choices this morning.  I had three delicious fruit teacakes; I had a whole sourdough banana bread loaf; I had about a third of a leftover date and walnut loaf*; I also have some more disappointing bananas and some sad looking easy-peelers.

But no.  For my Monday breakfast, I toasted myself two clementine flavoured hot cross buns**.


Even better.....I have two left of those left for breakfast tomorrow too!  I KNOW!  WINNING!

What's your breakfast of choice?***

* what can I can I tell you? I guess I just get through a lot of bread.  I'm an athlete, you know. 

** For an atheist, I eat an awful lot of religious-themed bread.  Although, in my defence, I eat it all-year-round and don't see it as a food purely for the Easter period. That makes all the difference, right?

*** I know that comments aren't really a thing anymore, but let's give it a go, eh?


  1. If I've got the time: pancakes. I like them with syrup. Or Nutella. Butty-wise the bacon and black pudding combo is hard to beat. And on Saturday mornings it's always nice to discover various leftover pizza slices or curry.

  2. Eggs Benedict for 'posh brekkie'
    Roll and sausage with ketchup (and that's Lorne sausage!) if going for stodge.
    Instant Porridge (golden syrup flavour) at the weekend for a treat.
    Most mornings - a cereal bar along with a coffee.

  3. Strong breakfasts, guys. Excellent work.
    Artog - my smoked back bacon and black pudding was accompanied by an assortment of wild mushrooms from the farmers' market. Delicious. I also have leftover bacon and black pudding for lunch sandwiches this week. It's all goodness!

  4. They're "St Clements" hot cross buns. With orange infused sultanas, orange purée and candied orange and lemon peel. So there.

  5. I have serious hot cross bun envy, sounds delicious. Must go and find some!
    Normal breakfast for me sounds v boring in comparison as it's just a bowl of cereal and a slice of toast. But... I make the cereal relatively interesting by combining about ten different ones in the one bowl - a spoonful of this, a spoonful of that, a spoonful of the other. Blame it on indecision...

  6. M&S for the hot cross buns, thrill seekers!

  7. I usually don't eat breakfast.

    When I do, I prefer breakfast tacos. My wife makes awesome breakfast tacos with eggs, potatoes, and bacon or sausage. We top them with cheese, sour cream, and Cholula Chipotle hot sauce.

  8. Ok Dan. When you have tacos, you win breakfast. When I was hiking in Ecuador, before we set off, I had a massive breakfast that included salsa, fried potatoes, egg and steak. That was a pretty good day.

  9. Neat way of whoring for comments! I've used this technique before and got nothing so you win again, brother.

    (Muesli with almond milk, sometimes toast with peanut butter and jam, occasional banana)

    I love bananas but however you like them, you've only got the narrowest window of opportunity, don't you find?

    1. Pears are worse than bananas in this regard, I find. I don't mind a musty banana, as it goes.

  10. Monday's breakfast was porridge oats, raisins and skimmed milk (but you knew that already!). But today's breakfast was poached eggs on brown toast and sliced pineapple to follow. Best of all? Somebody else made it! In fact, maybe I should have ordered the kippers... Next time, eh?

  11. And yes, you do eat half your bodyweight in breadstuffs every week. Given how skinny you are, we should probably up the dose. I've brought pancakes home. Get those down you!

  12. Somebody microwaved kippers in the open office today. Rude!