Tuesday 9 May 2017

just go with the magic, baby...

I had a revelation this evening.

I was listening to Father John Misty when it suddenly came to me that "Don't Stop Moving" by S-Club 7 might just be the purest, feel-good song ever recorded.  I don't even like to *start* movin' to the funky, funky beat.... but that song is pretty much irresistible.

Tay-Tay will no doubt be delighted to hear that, in spite of an obvious lack of hella good hair, I think that "Shake It Off" is a pretty close second.

I'm not even joking.

Like the man says, No need to reason why: just listen to the sound and it makes you come alive.

(Yeah. Uh. Come on.)


  1. a good pop song is a good pop song is a good pop song

    Taylor Swift is an evil pop genius - and as a father to a 6yr old girl (who is a Beatles fanatic), I think there are worse role-models in popular culture.

    the other week i was reminded of Biology, Girls Aloud's finest moment - I think I listened to it five times on the bounce

    also, I find that I like FJM despite himself - loved "Honeybear", then RadMac-gate happened and a series of horribly mannered festival/TV/live appearances turned me off him completely - and I now think that "Pure Comedy" might be even better - bastard

  2. I wholeheartedly agree about the S Club. I would say, and it is key, that it's "Don't Stop Movin'" (no g). I actually think that makes it somehow even better.